I wonder. Part 1

Its friday! Yes I know, its few minutes to being over. But we are on a schedule right? Its short story friday!  And although I’m a ‘thousand’ hours late i’m here to share another jewel. So we have our first short story today, “I wonder”, Enjoy😉

Fridays are usually the worst days of my week,
Not because of the endless meetings, the deadlines that have to be met
And the mad traffic at night, which surprisingly I look forward to,
But mostly because weekends tend to be long and lonely for me
No friends to share the weekend with
No laughter to brighten up my mornings
Nothing to anticipate but plain cold silence.
Being a workaholic, work is the only rhythm I know how to dance to
I enjoy those days when I’m so neck-deep in office work that nothing else matters
I’ve never been one who takes time to build relationships
Except of course those that bring in the money.

I have no close relatives or friends, they just don’t get it, my life has always been centred on my job. You might say “how pathetic”, but i’ve always loved it! Until now…
now at my peak,
I know life is much more than this,
And I want something more
I want people or at least someone to share my world with.

I’d turn 38 in a few months. And this has become my train of thought every last working day of the week, today is no different.

I try to drag on in d office for as long as I can
Trying to postpone the inevitable, but not for too long
Because like it or not, I have to return to that lonely place I call home.

As I lock up and head for my car
The empty parking lot reminds me of just how empty my life is.
Quiet and distant, the kind of emptiness that threatens to choke me
I get into the car anyway, and brace up for the long drive home.
I listen to the engine rev and finally I back out slowly from the parking lot. The long journey home just began.
I pass by familiar buildings as I go by, mostly offices and banks, this is the life I’m used to
But interestingly tonight traffic is light. I kind of wish it wasn’t, that way I’d be so tired
I’d just slump in my bed when I get home
But fate isn’t smiling on me today,
Because tonight the drive promises to be short and effortless
Much to my dismay.

Don’t shake your head at my sad life. Please dont pity me.

I put on the car stereo to listen to what’s on the radio
And as I switch from channel to channel
I hear slow romantic songs, relationship talks or call-in programs
Where they are talking about L.O.V.E
So irritating, I turn it off.

I’m a few blocks away from my place now
And I can see a restaurant that’s still open
So I decide to stop for dinner
It’s all I can do now to postpone the loneliness lurking ahead
I park my car, get down and walk into the restaurant
The aroma that hits me makes me realise I’m more hungry than I thought
Everything smells so nice it is almost heavenly (not like i know what heaven smells like though).
I feel like I can stay here forever.
Quickly without second thoughts I place my order
And as I wait for the nice lady waitress to serve me,
I take time to observe my surroundings
The interior of the place is both welcoming and homely
The kind of place u would want to fall in love in (not that word again, I’m getting too mushy for my own good)
The place is almost empty, and I can see that I would probably be the last customer tonight
So I settle down to eat in silence when my food arrives.

Soon after I settle down to eat
I hear thunder in a distance and I know it is going to rain

The skies had been showing signs all day.
just on cue, it starts raining
First in showers and seconds later it is pounding so hard
I can hardly hear the voices coming from a TV set just in front of me
I begin to wonder how I would get back to my car
Well, for me the rain really is a blessing in disguise
Because it means I could stall a little longer before heading home.

While I’m silently dancing a jig in my heart
A lady dashes into the restaurant

Momentarily pulling my attention.
She is soaked from head to toe
And I can tell she is shivering

With her petite frame
She looks like a little kitty that was thrown into a pool of water

You know they say the petite ones are cute right? i totally agree!
With her hair plastered to her head and face, She looked like a damsel in distress
I would have laughed, but she looked rather pathetic.

And that tugged at something in my heart
I’m not usually one that’s is given to make gestures of kindness to strangers
But as I watched this pitiful creature staring around like she was lost
I find myself doing something that is very, very unconventional for me

I decide to be the knight in shinning armour
Leaving my table I walk towards her

Closer now, she’s even smaller than I thought

I look like a small giant beside her

So there i am now beside her, i take off my jacket and hand it to her without words
She opens her mouth like she is going to protest
But instead she takes it and wraps it around herself like her life depends on it

Her eyes show that shes grateful

I keep standing right there looking at her and then i realise that save offering her my jacket I hadn’t really thought through anything else. What else does the knight in shinning armour do?
I stand there for a few seconds staring at her without an idea of what I should say or do next.

She stares back at me. Oh my….tonight is going to be far more eventful than i ever imagined.

That’s it folks. Part 2 comes up nextweek friday. Lets see if our Knight in shinning armour lives up to expectation. Be expectant.

Till then. #Jesusrules

12 thoughts on “I wonder. Part 1

  1. hmnnn… don’t wanna say I’m already getting a clue… am hoping when I’m done, I would laugh at my over-confident self and say… this got u real hard. #hehehehehe


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