I wonder, Part 2

Hello beautiful people, it’s short story Friday and our strory “I Wonder” continues. Enjoy!
If you missed part 1, find it Here

I stand there for a few seconds staring at her without an idea of what I should say, she stares back and i realise, “Oh my…tonight is going to be more eventful than i ever imagined”.
She’s staring at me with these beautiful pair of dark brown eyes that seem to be boring through my skin. I finally look away. God, i feel so silly. She is obviously cold but her eyes are warm and friendly, too friendly. I was still looking for a way out when i heard her voice as she thanks me for the jacket, and as she does, I can see her teeth chattering, but asides this involuntary vibration of her jaw, something else grabs my attention, her voice.
I am a bit shocked, because unlike her petite and almost childish build
Her voice is strong and vibrant with a quality that I just can’t explain
I find myself smiling, because I like it! We’ve been standing face to face for just a few minutes and already i can count a number of things that intrigue me about this damsel who is still tightly hugging my jacket around herself.
She repeats her thanks and that’s when i realise i hadn’t replied the first time, instead i had been smiling like a fool at the sound of her voice. How many wrongs can one man make in a space of five minutes? Don’t answer, I’m ready to right them all.

I apologise for my initial lack of voice, i apologise for her situation (though i didn’t cause the rain), i introduce myself (first name only) and finally i invite her to join my table, at least till the rain stops.
This time she actually protests but I had expected it, so i insist.
Looking around the resturant, i’m sure she sees no better options, so she walks back with me to my table, where my meal is already getting cold.
As she sits opposite from me, I take some time to observe her. She isn’t exactly a show stopper, not the kind of lady that would cause traffic, at least not with her looks. I’d say she looks rather simple but cute, extremely cute.
Like a little puppy that had played in the rain, With her wet tousled hair and my coat held tightly around her.
But I must confess that she has a rather perfect set of teeth, and the whitest eyes I have ever seen, and then again that voice.
Her face might not hold a crowd, but I could bet my life that her voice would
I don’t know for how long I had been starring, but i notice she’s getting uncomfortable, So I apologise, and to my surprise she smiles, then starts laughing.
It seems rather silly and I really don’t why but I join her and start laughing too.
Anyone one watching now probably thinks we are both high on something
But I really don’t mind, it just feels good,. Laughing isn’t something I do often enough, and right now it feels so right.

We both stop at the exact same time, and I take the chance to offer to buy her dinner
it makes no sense for her to watch me eat, but she declines and I don’t press further. I proceed to eat and she becomes quiet again. Talk about akward silence. I venture into small talk trying to find out as much as I can about her.
I watch her as I eat and she answers my questions animatedly.
In a few minutes, I gather that she is a trained nurse working as a volunteer worker with a motherless baby’s home; she lives with her family and is probably the most spiritual person I have ever had the opportunity to meet.
She is just as inquisitive as I am, throwing questions at me that I don’t wish to answer. I try to answer without revealing too much about my lonely self, and I think she is disappointed when I tell her that I am neither religious nor spiritual
But she doesn’t comment on it.

We have been talking for quite a while now, my food is settled happily somewhere in my tummy and I’ve laughed so much that if i was light skinned my face would have turned red. But I’m not, so it didn’t.

She looks out and notices that it has stopped raining,
She obviously has lost track of time because when she looks at her watch I can see a look of surprise on her face as she  realises how late it is. I never knew i made such interesting  conversation that she had actually forgotten the time.

She thanks me for being so kind and returns my coat
But she makes no effort to leave, It takes me sometime to realise that this is my cue to say something, probably ask for her number, address or offer to take her home, it wouldn’t hurt to try. But I just sit there like a dumb fool.
I find her personality intriguing, she’s calm yet interesting, witty yet mature, shes just 24 but you can tell that she knows where she’s headed and then there’s her faith in Jesus that she always finds a way to incorporate into everything she says. And when she talks, those beautiful eyes light up with so much passion that leaves me asking myself “what am i doing with my life”. I think I like her, maybe I’m even attracted to her.  But i know she’s trouble. She’s so smart and that Jesus thing just isn’t for me.
I don’t know if it is fear or plain cowardice, but one of them holds me back and all I hear myself say is “goodnight then, it was nice meeting you”……

that’s it for today folks! Yes i can see the look on your face and you are like “is that it?” Lol. No it’s not. There’s going to be part 3! Yes, yes i know i said two parts but i realised the story is longer than i thought and i had to break it in two. So see you next friday. Till then, Jesus rules!


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