Love letter.


Poetry wednesday. Enjoy!

Dearest J,

I don’t know where to start or the words to put down that would convey what’s in my heart
I don’t want to sound too shallow or rehearsed
Neither do I want to sound over enthusiastic or too zealous
But I have alot to tell you and whether the words come or not I must.

In the morning when I wake up you are the song in my heart
The smile on my lips, you give me reason to live.
I don’t have to look too far to see how wonderful you are
The way you love me makes it clear enough.

Your love is different from anything I’ve ever experienced
It is kind but firm, all-encompassing I miss out on nothing.
You tell me no lies, you do not make promises you can’t keep
You show me how long I have to go and stay with me all the way
I am never alone.

You wrap your arms around me and keep me secure
You love me like I’m all that matters, I feel special, unique and wonderful
You’ve touched a part of my heart that none else could reach
My soul is content my heart rejoices.

Close to your heart I have no reason to fear
All I could ever hope for I’ve found in you
You would never let me go as long as I live
My lover, my friend, you are my all.

Yours Sincerely,

See you friday, for the continuation of our story “i wonder”.
Till then, Jesus rules😉

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