Story Time….1

Hello you, so it’s been a while I wrote a story, and I’ve been asked when I’d write a series like ‘dreamer’ again (if you didn’t follow that series you can check it out, Dreamer….Part 1). While I’ve not been able to settle my head enough to pen down a story, I searched through my archive (seems I’ve been doing that alot this week) and found this. Enjoy😉.


Blue and calm, the water stretched out before her like an endless dream with the skies just as blue meeting in the horizon far ahead till there was no telling where the waters ended and the skies began.

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True story.

Hello Friday, and hello you 😊. I have a story to tell today, It’s a lot of the truth and a bit of my imagination. I started writing this in the year 2013 but never completed it. Now seeing that my last post was “start where you are” I thought it wise to follow my advice and start completing many unfinished write ups. So I’m starting here. Enjoy.Read More »