Hi Christian,

It has been such a long time, how have you been since my last letter? I must confess that I have missed you dearly. I trust you have been well, seeing as Father is so amazing, and He always takes great care of us.

You know whenever I write to you, I can’t but be honest with you about my experiences, areas where I have failed or done wrong. So, I am writing to share sincerely what has been happening with me and why you have not seen me for a while.

Christian, I am fat! obese in fact. I checked my weight a month ago and the numbers that stared back at me made me shudder. I mean, I am basically just rolling around the whole place like an inflated ball.

When I started putting on the weight, I was glad. You remember how skinny I was when Father took us off the streets and adopted us? I looked so bad it affected my self-esteem, but then I started listening to our Helper (the one Father sent to take care of us). He told me of some of our older brothers and sisters who Abba had also adopted years before He took us in, He led me to visit a number of them, one after the other. I spent days, sometimes weeks and even months just enjoying being with such wonderful family, oh, what an experience.

I was treated so well. They had so much to give me, experiences to share, gifts (wow, I received amazing gifts), and then the food, my God! Buffet everywhere. Like the hungry child that I was, I ate voraciously, and gradually I started to gain weight. It felt so good, my clothes now looked good on me, I had more confidence, I felt great!

Few months ago, our Helper started to talk to me about exercise and how I needed to make use of the stored energy from all the heavy meals I was devouring. He started showing me the need to feed others the same way I had been fed, but each time He spoke, I said “no, I need to eat more, I haven’t reached my target weight yet o, when I get there then I can think of exercise and sharing”. So, I ate and ate and ate, now I am so fat, you would not believe it if you saw me.

Thankfully, all hope is not lost, I have resolved to do the right thing and our Helper has promised to help me. Despite my initial disregard for His counsel, He is so forgiving, and I am so grateful I don’t have to do fit-fam alone.

So, brother, don’t be like me, it is wisdom to draw lessons from the experiences of others and I trust you, you are a wise chap. Feed well, enjoy all those special delicacies, but know when it’s time to exercise and share. I am enclosing in this letter a recent picture of my obese self, expect an update soon, I am going to be so fit and trim you would hardly believe it. Feel free to share my letter with our other siblings.

I love you now and always,


I hope without an explanation you can capture the meaning of this letter. Do not allow yourself to be fed fat. We study the word, we listen to teachers and we are endowed with gifts, for our growth and for the Kingdom (I purposely did not say Church, story for another day). So spend time in prayer, study the bible, go out and evangelize, heal the sick (yes, it was not a typo, HEAL THE SICK), and do the other amazing things God has called you to do. The time gets shorter with each day that passes, God is counting on you not to waste heavens resources.

P.S – If you are Christian and you are not even feeding yet, I am coming for you next. By the way, check out my first Letter to Christian…. Enjoy.

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