My Journey 2.

Hello darlings, i can’t believe it’s just a week since i wrote the first part of ‘my Journey’…it feels like ages, it feels too long (see how i miss you? 😊). So it’s totally awesome to be back here to continue to give you the gist about my journey towards freedom. I call it that because truly, a wrong mindset is like a prison yard, it holds you bound and blinds you from seeing things clearly, if u missed the first part find it Here.

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Bubble wrap…

Someone passed something to me today wrapped in a bubble wrap (if you don’t know what that is, the picture above is for your benefit😊) and i got excited! Not because of what was wrapped within but because of the bubble wrap itself! All i could think of was pressing the tiny bubbles between my fingers and listening to it make that pop sound as it burst. To me it was just a thrill to still find something so silly and childish as amusing and exciting. (I’m still excited just thinking about it😆). Continue reading

My Journey.

Hiii!!! 😊 I’m excited to be sharing my journey with you as I promised I would last week. Why am I doing this? Well that’s what this blog is all about, “My Collage”, like a collage, we get to discover how the little bits and pieces of our lives that do not make too much sense on their own come together to form this beautiful piece of art (every piece is important) and this is one of those pieces for me. So let’s begin, shall we? Continue reading