It’s so exciting to have you here. This is “His Collage” *insert drumroll and confetti*.

Thanks for clicking that link or typing out the blog address in your browser tab, you are the real MVP. Welcome!

I am so excited!

God is a wonderful craftsman and life is a lot like a collage. I like to think a collage is like concoction rice (please ask Google – 😀). You can create both from almost anything, and no matter how unrelated the raw materials are when put together, the final product always makes sense.

Life is full of experiences and each experience is a single piece of raw material that this great craftsman is using to shape you, and when He is done, and you step back and look at the big picture, then you would see the beautiful art that is you.

HIS COLLAGE is about helping you see how God works on you, piece by piece. Like the pieces in a collage, your victories, shortcomings, failures and triumphs are the raw material with which he transforms you till you fit perfectly into the design; His big picture, which is not just about you but about what he intends to make of humanity.

So, want to go on this journey with me? Do you want to discover how each piece fits? or you want to see the big picture clearly?

Let’s get started then!

Join the train, subscribe!

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