This Thing Called Purpose

The reason for which something exists or is done, made, or used

If there is a word that is so widely used but whose meaning still eludes many, I would say it is “Love”, followed closely by the word “Purpose”.

For some reason in the last decade, the talk about purpose has been rampant (or maybe I am just becoming acquainted with it based on the phase of life I am in). It seems many of my contemporaries have suddenly awakened to the fact that there is this big thing that we need to discover in order to have a meaningful life, and it is called purpose.

Back in the University, there was this group called ‘Purpose Group”, they held conferences and seminars which I don’t remember ever going for (I can be rebellious sometimes, the fact that everybody is gravitating in a direction is usually enough reason for me to not go there). Nonetheless, I loved how the members of the group dressed (imagine where my attention was), they always looked put together and responsible in nice suits like men and women of Purpose, but I am not sure how many of them really understood it.

In church too it was a big deal, I kept hearing ‘purpose’ in prayer points. Purpose was a wanted guy, everyone was just looking for him. Everybody was trying to discover purpose, praying to God to show them purpose, reading books to find purpose. There were tips here and there on how to know your purpose in life, but still too many people seemed confused and unsure about this thing called purpose.

I have come to set you free, and I am doing so for free! You have been running after a myth. The first big issue is we don’t know what we are searching for, and the problem with that is even when the answer pokes us in the nose, we can’t recognize it. So, purpose is just strolling by our backyard every day and we don’t even see it. Many people searching for purpose are actually searching for their career path in life, which is a very narrow view of things.

Purpose is not one thing; purpose is doing God’s will per time. It is not a Job, a place, or an achievement, it is what God puts in your hand per time and interestingly it may change depending on the season of life you are in. Fulfilling your purpose requires keeping in step with God and what He is doing, and this requires that you have a relationship with Him.

Purpose is not a one thing, it is not a Job, place or achievement.

It’s like the map and the compass. When we ask for our purpose, we are often asking to be handed the map. We want to know the whole course and the end point. But more often than not, God gives us a compass (clues and direction) and things are revealed as we work in obedience to the little things He commits to us per time. So, don’t expect the full picture all at once, truth is even if you saw it, you may not recognize it.

God is the creator of all things, and He is not a mindless creator. He creates everything for a reason (purpose) but that reason is far bigger and broader than you can imagine and it is so intertwined and wired into what He is working out in the whole of humanity that if He were to download it all at once, your fuse would blow.

He can choose to give you some big revelation of what He desires you to do at a certain time, but even that it is not going to come by you seeking it, it is going to come by you seeking Him, loving Him and obeying Him.

Look at it this way, do you think God wants to hide the reason why He created you from you? Seriously? So why are you so perturbed? Quit looking for that one thing that you were created for, and start committing to building your relationship with the Father, living in daily obedience to what He shows you and I can assure you for a 100% that when you get to the end of your life you would have fulfilled purpose.

Have you been set free? You are welcome.


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