My treasure box

Hello beautiful one, how was January? Hope it was great because like it or not it ends today. Just like that😮, before you know it we’d be saying welcome to 2018! That’s just time for you, it flies.

So I was going through my Pc on sunday and i discovered some pretty interesting stuff. I’d like to call it my treasure box. Its a collection of stuff I’ve written over the years and i was really excited that I had so much treasure in that box. So I said to myself, what’s the use of having jewels if they are hidden in a box?

February and March are going to be busy months for me, but we can’t close shop because of that, now can we?. So I’d be sharing my jewels with you for these two months or more (with interjections of current  posts when i can) under two categories

1. Overactive mind series

I often feel like i have a rebelious mind😆. It likes to do and think the exact opposite of what others consider normal. So i started writing my somewhat unconventional thoughts down in 2015 and I’d be sharing these thoughts with you in the months to come, I hope to continue this series even after perviously written articles are exhausted.

2. Short stories and poems

Just a compilation of short stories (mostly fictional) and poems that i hope you would enjoy and learn from.

So thats it folks! 2017 is an awesome year. Irrespective of how it looks right now. I see us learning and growing together. I’d be back in February with the first jewel from my treasure box.😊

Till then…..Jesus rules😉

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