How do I look?


My first post in 2017๐Ÿ˜Š.

Hello you, Its good to be here.

I totally enjoyed the last the few days of 2016/ first few days of 2017, spending time with friends and family that i hadn’t seen in a longggggg time, sharing testimonies with them, seeing how they’ve progressed through the year, it was was both exciting and enjoyable. That’s just me, I’m a people-person, i love being around good talk, smiles and laughter and even annoying siblings that never seem to grow up๐Ÿ˜Šย (but are now bigger than I am๐Ÿ˜Ÿ).

But as usual in the midst of all these, there were lessons learnt (God is always teaching), and it’s one of those lessons that I’d like to share with you today.

So here it goes…..

I went to the market (alongside my mum) that morning looking the way one looks when going out to a place that would stress you, make you sweat and leave you physically drained (yea, thats what marketย runs does to me, most times) so in other words, i wasn’t dressed toย slay (I’m told that’s the new slang, I’m trying to be up to date๐Ÿ˜Š). From the market, we went off to the movies, not a good next step because, first of all i didn’t dress up for an outing, second of all, i didn’t dress up for an outing! and yes, i know i repeated myself. In case you haven’t noticed, going to the movies in Nigeria is a big deal o, some people literally wear their best clothes, its something i still don’t quite understand.

So anyway, I met two old friends at the cinemas that i havent seen in almost 6years, seeing them again was totally great and i was happy, but on my way home, some thoughts started floating through my mind (as they always do), i thought to myself “why today of all days when i didnt take time to dress up and put on some make up? Why did I have to meet those people today?” I wished i had looked a lot better, dressed better. As the thoughts went on i realised that i hadn’t been so confident talking to these friends because i felt i didnt look GOOD, in my mind i was thinking of how they looked against how i looked and i felt like ‘less’. Just then He interrupted my thoughts (He never lets me stray too far, this Holy Spirit)….. I’ve always been one to say we shouldn’t allow physical appearance be the source of our worth but instead, what we carry within. But there i was sad with myself because i felt i hadn’t looked presentable. When i thought about how petty i had been i had to Smh (shake my head) for myself.

You see its quite easy to speak about what’s ideal, but everyday i realise that practical living goes far beyound what we know in our heads. Knowledge is good, in fact, its great but knowledge that isn’t put into use is a waste. I had the knowledge all along that my worth comes from what i carry within me (Jesus) but faced with a practical situation i totally forgot the within and dewlt on the without. I had forgotten my identity.

Some times, we all get to feel this way, maybe there’s that friend thats richer, or that colleague that always looks on point, and whenever you have to be around them you somehow feel smaller because they seem better and bigger. I understand. But you can’t continue to think like that, especially if you are a saved child of God. You have to always remember that you have something in you that’s worth more than what money can buy, you are beautified in more ways than make-up can ever make you. There would always be someone prettier, someone wealthier, someone smarter but there would never be another YOU. You have to learn to not just KNOW this but LIVE it. Like I’m learning to live it too.

Your worth doesn’t come from the clothes you wear or any other tangible thing, but from what’s within. Do you think a king would ever act like anything less even if you put rags on him?

Remember you are ROYALTY. Never ever feel like less.

7 thoughts on “How do I look?

  1. Wow..this got my full concentration. Also, one thing we need to do is find out our true identity in Christ….Wow once again…nice article ๐Ÿ˜‰


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