1st Entry..

Hello beautiful reader. We are still on the Journey of unveiling treasure. Hope its been as much fun for you as its been for me! I stated when this all began, that Wednesdays would be for poems and my ‘overactive-mind series’ (more information about this can be found Here). So today we’d be having the first entry from that series. ENJOY!!!


What shall i call this? The chronicles of an overactive mind or the epistles of a young perturbed woman , written in a bid to make sense out of this somewhat chaotic chapter of her once uncomplicated life. Maybe i should just be simple and call it “my diary”, but that just sounds cliche, in fact it creates images in my head that
i’d rather not ruminate over (barbie images), so ‘lemme stick with the fisrt option. “The Chronicles of an overactive mind”, short and witty without sounding overtly melodramatic. i smile.
This overactive mind has been to places you could never dream of with a velocity that puts that of light to shame, in a manner that would leave you speechless. but lest i begin to sound proud i’d say no more…let the chronicles unfold and you’d see for yourself that i’m not just being loquacious or arrogant, the words i speak are true.
shall i take a minute to introduce myself. i have no acolades or titles i’m simply “she”, but as moments bulid up into a great wealth of time you would also build up a picture of who “she” is, whatever you choose to see is up to your power of perception. i have no intention to sway your conclusions in any direction, i can only hope that you would make the
right deductions.
without further ado let me get down to the business of today. for minutes (not secs and definitely not hours) i had pondered over and gravitated around a point. i had been told as a little girl, that a boy and a girl can’t have a tightly knit relationship with “no strings attached” (theoretically this is true because you definitly need strings to be tightly knit), my father is a firm beliver of this hypothesis, so boys had a hard time trying to “befriend” me no matter how pure their intentions were. Of course, i didn’t believe all of that gibberish, and i’d rather have had a boy for a bestfriend anyday. but time has elapsed and like one very wise songwriter (whose name i dont know but whose lyrics come to mind now) wrote, i now quote “i can see clearly now the rain is gone” the skies are clear and with an unveiled face i do behold the truth.
I’ve been in closely knit friendships with five different young men in my lifetime and in each one, strings did get attached. Feelings began to grow (only God knows when the seed was sown), jokes began to take the tune of veiled intentions, actions became courteous, calculted and we found ourselves in the dilemma of making the choice of risking a
good friendship for uncharted territories of great uncertainty. unfortunately, “she” is not much of a risk taker so in the end a heart was broken, & the frienship dented, we could no longer dance to the same tune we used to, not after an attempt
has been made at changing the pace. So it seems we ended up loosing both the friendship and the strings. i’m left searching for my friend, my playmate, my confidant, my partner in crime. i sigh.
As much as i hate to believe it, it seemes the “elders” were right. i have no choice but to admit it, because i’m a living witness (Halleluyah!). I do wish things could be different. i wonder if its our wiring-male and female-to always connect, maybe a curse or just the order of nature. i do wish i could have proven those elders wrong but five times i’ve
failed, i guess that is enough trial to give up hypothesis-testing.
So “she” pondered for just a few minutes on all these things and chose to let it rest for now till there’s more to tell. maybe we’d walk an entirely diifferent path, hopefully one that is lush and grassy. till then. Astalavista!

(P.S- after some more thought i discoverd that i had been in 7 of those kind of friendships and not five! “please lord no more!”)

Lol. I just had to laugh at myself while reading through this. Its quite interesting, the workings of my younger mind. Anyway see you on friday for the continuation (and hopeful conclusion) of the short story ‘I wonder’. Till then,  #Jesusrules.

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