The Journey so far….

On the 31st of January this year, i wrote a post titled ‘My Treasure box’ (check it out Here), its been over four months now and i look back and smile. The short story series, poems and overactive mind series on ‘My Collage’ were birthed as a result of the content of that post.

It is still a suprise to me that I’ve been able to blog this much in the last few months (truly when God leads the way, there’s nothing impossible). Its been so much of a pleasure, I’ve learnt, I’ve been blessed and I’ve been stretched, really stretched, and most importantly i hope you’ve been too because this isn’t just about me, but us😊.

Today should be short-story friday, but permit me to call it ‘Information friday’, because i have some information for you! So, we are entering a new phase, we must keep moving forward, right? Yes we must☺. While the short stories, poems and overative mind series will continue (not as frequently though) we would be diversifying (i just like the word) a bit. More bible studies, more life lessons, more inputs from other writers, more, more, more…..yipee!

As much as I’ve enjoyed the past few months of unveiling treasure from my treasure box, its time to travel a new road. I’m excited already, and i look forward to see where this new road leads.

As we begin, remember, Jesus rules!

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