Wednesday NIGHT…

The night of November 15, 2017 was an eventful one for me.

As I walked to my room at past 8pm, I knew I had to share the events with you, because I was deeply touched. (Remember, it’s all about how God uses our everday experiences, the little bits and pieces here and there to make our lives into beautiful artwork.)

I am ART!!


Story time….
It had been a busy day in general, and a somewhat emotional one for me too (long story here, ok maybe not exactly long though, its actually simple, but not for today๐Ÿ˜Š). Anyway, wednesday night turned out to be eventful from the start, but the part that really put me in a sober mode is what i’d like to share.

I went to see a patient (turned friend) at the hospital, he’s a young man that has been recently diagnosed with an end-stage kidney disease, he’s been on dialysis (meaning he needs a machine to do the work of his kidneys) from which he now has complications, its so bad that he can hardly use one of his legs anymore. Yet he smiles, he thanks God he is alive, he even prays for me. We got talking that night and he told me about his family, a sibling that died, a father that was crippled by stroke and alot of financial hurdles they still had to cross. His mother was there with him, I’ve hardly met anyone that smiles through hardship as she does. Everytime i pay her son a visit she always offers me a smile. So as he told me about all the struggles they had back home, i thought to myself “this woman is strong!, How could she still afford to generate a smile? a woman that had lost a son, has a bed-ridden husband, and now her only surviving son needs a kidney transplant”. Even as she told me about the bills they were yet to pay, she smiled. She sat there thanking God for life, even when her world was crumbling. It was amazing.

While we talked, there was some activity going on around the patient that lay adjacent to my friend. The nurse had excused the relatives and quickly covered the area around the man, I took a peek and watched as she struggled to do chest compressions and manually assit his respiration. I look at his chest, it was still, no sign that he was breathing. After sometime, she stopped, the man was gone. I looked at my friend on his bed as he put his hand on the wall that seperated him from the dead man, who had been alive just some minutes before, i wondered if he was praying for the man, I wondered how he felt lying so close to a dead man, I wondered how he felt about his own life and I wondered if he too would lose hope.

You see, my friend can’t eat ALOT of things, one of which is Salt, can you imagine having to eat food without salt everyday? he can’t eat meat too, no bananas, no this, no that. But there was one thing he could eat but didn’t have, cereal! (Golden Morn to be precise) so I told him I’d try to get a pack for him, and i knew i had to, becasue it was such a tiny request but i could tell it would mean a lot to him, so i went on the ultimate search for Golden morn, till i found it and then took it back to him. When i returned to his bedside, the glow on his face was priceless, you’d thing that i had given him gold. He took the pack from my hand and just stared at it with a big smile, with child-like awe. Something so little, yet so much.

As i walked back to my hostel at past 8pm, I thought of this young man, then I thought of myself, and I asked myself, “what worries do you have?” “what genuine struggles are you facing?” Everything paled compared to his own struggles. We worry over nothing we get depressed over little things, we hardly appreciate what we already have, and yet someone else would be in paradise if only for just a minute, they could step into our world.

I was reminded of the vanity of this life and how truly, the only thing that matters is that I walk with God. A man that has Christ would ALWAYS have hope, because he knows, even when he leaves this earth, it only marks the beginning of life itself.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday NIGHT…

  1. This was a very emotional read for me, reminds me of some peculiar cases I’ve seen, I’m so not looking forward to medicine posting..God help us to always be full of joy no matter the situation


  2. This just reminds me of a quote God laid in my heart a few months back: ‘ Tell me one thing you lack and sad about
    And I’d show you someone who lacks a thousand and one things you have and is yet still grateful’ .


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