Re: Good vs God

I had an interesting day today😊, nothing spectacular, just mundane things that added up into something beautiful. I’ve learnt to see the beauty in little things, have you?

Anyway, this post is actually a reply to a question I got following the two posts I wrote on “Good vs God” (Good vs God and Good vs God again ). Unfortunately I tend to delete my messages alot so I no longer have the exact question, but I’d try to paraphrase😊

Good deeds and what God actually wants from me are often different but very similar, I might desire to do God’s will but may be unable to diffrentiate it from the things that I consider as Good (but are not necessarily Godly), how do i then tell the difference between just doing good things as against doing what’s in God’s heart?

When I got this question, it made me realize something, in my previous posts on the topic, i had exposed a problem, but i never offered a solution, that in itself is a lesson for me and I apologize. It’s quite easy to site where we fail, and the mistakes we make, its not so easy to provide a practicable solution. But what I do hope I accomplished was for us to see that not every action that seems good is Godly, sometimes God requires something else that may not look like a good act but to Him, it’s exactly what he wants.

Remember the disciples, when they tried to stop little children from approaching Jesus? (Mathew 19:13-15) to them that was a good act, Jesus had been busy and most likely he was worn out, they were looking out for him by sending the children away, but that’s not what Jesus thought, He wanted them around him. The scriptures are littered with many many examples of how people, even those close to Jesus missed the mark on a number of occasions.

It’s quite easy to miss the mark!

Now, as believers, we know that most solutions don’t follow a “take two steps to the right and you’d get the mark” pattern, or “pray twice, before any decision, once kneeling and once lying postrate, and you’d always know what the God- thing to do is”. Naa…it’s kinda sad, because that would have been somewhat easier, but that’s God, he’s dynamic. So I really don’t have a ‘perfect answer’ but I’d just like to share from my own very minute experience and i hope that would be practicable enough😇.

  • Many times, the diagnosis is retrospective, you’d have done the good thing, before you realise that that wasn’t what God expected of you. Don’t worry, we are all growing, we are bound to make some mistakes, making the same mistake twice is when we have a problem.
  • Sometimes we actually know in our hearts of hearts what God expects of us, but we convince ourselves to do what we think is Good. Take Saul (in Ist Samuel 15:7-10) He knew what God wanted when He sent him to war against the Amalekites, but he chose to do what seemed Good (even to me, it seemed good o, Dont be harsh on Saul😊), but God is God, he wants what he wants, and good can never replace God!
  • FINALLY, There would be those times when you are truly, TRULY confused about what step to take, sweetheart in those times, you need the Holy spirit, period. Sounds Clichè right, but truly there’s no other way. Scripture says

For who knows a person’s thoughts except their own spirit within them? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.
1st Corinthians 2:11

There’s really no other way around it. He’s the only one that knows God’s mind. So deciphering between what”s good and what God wants would be so much easier as you make the effort to build intimacy with the Spirit of God. Sometimes when I’ve made the wrong good choice, I see him correct me, showing me the God-thing to do, at times it might just be a tightness in my chest, or I feel sad over the matter for no reason (its not hormones😅) other times I completely lose my peace till I retrace my steps. I’m not always apt as to deciphering that I’m not doing God’s will at that time, but I get better as I draw closer to His spirit.

And I realise that I can always check that ‘feeling’ in my heart against scripture, if it’s God, it will tally.

For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.
John 6:38

Even Jesus didn’t just go around doing good, he sought to do the will of God and I think it’s only wise that every believer should do same. We might not get it right from the start, there might be times we would fail, but we learn in bits and pieces as we grow and it’s so important that we never stop trying. If you stretch your hand to him, He would take it and guide you.

P.S. -Please do share if you know anymore practicable steps.


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