Wednesday NIGHT…

The night of November 15, 2017 was an eventful one for me.
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Bubble wrap…

Someone passed something to me today wrapped in a bubble wrap (if you don’t know what that is, the picture above is for your benefit­čśŐ) and i got excited! Not because of what was wrapped within but because of the bubble wrap itself! All i could think of was pressing the tiny bubbles between my fingers and listening to it make that┬ápop┬ásound as it burst. To me it was just a thrill to still find something so silly and childish as amusing and exciting. (I’m still excited just thinking about it­čść). Continue reading

My rope fence


I looked out my window one beautiful morning and I smiled , not really because it was a beautiful day but because I saw the rope that’s called a fence around my apartment (hostel) and I thought “how silly is this”.

There’s a green rope around the apartment I stay in, its barely an inch thick, it hangs just about a meter from the ground and its meant to serve as a fence, there’s a sign board  (now two) that warn everyone about trespassing or ‘jumping’ the fence. Well to me its makes no sense to walk a long distance around the fence in a direction that’s opposite my destination when I can easily go undearneath it. So I’ve been a deviant and I’ve been caught in the act and  ‘re-instructed’ just in case the sign boards weren’t clear enough. Well in response I just became ‘wise’, so I come out of my door and I scan my surroundings, left, right, no one? And quickly I’m ‘through’ the fence. It always has me smiling when I act like that (stealth mode). Continue reading