Press play!


You know how people say, “it’s been a minute”? Well it has been ages! I’ve been away for so long and I have totally missed this space. I don’t even know where to start, my God, so much has happened.

I stopped writing altogether about a year ago, and it’s rather ironic that the last post I wrote before going AWOL was titled “why I write”. Truth is, at the time I penned down  that post, I was already drifting. I wrote it more for myself than anyone, to remind me why I write and encourage me to keep at it. But obviously I didn’t listen much to myself.

Now, I am listening

I’m so grateful though because some of you just won’t let me ignore my destiny (lol), people kept asking me, “What happened? We haven’t seen you in a while”. Even people I never knew read this blog sent me messages to check up on me and make sure all was well. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for those check-ins. Thanks a million times.

I didn’t have a writer’s block as some would call it, I just felt there was something missing. I’d be really honest here, towards the end of 2019, I was going over my old posts and I just couldn’t see that same depth, conviction and passion that I had in the first 3 years of writing the blog, and I found that quite disheartening.

I could have kept at it though, and I did for a while, just writing from my head but it became increasingly difficult to keep up and eventually I just stopped. I needed to find the root of the issue, and I did (story for another day).

When I stopped writing, I stopped writing altogether not just blogging, but now I’m glad to say that I am back (with a bang). My sincere apologies to everyone that reads this blog, I’m so sorry for disappearing without a notice or a saying goodbye, can you forgive me? Yes? Thank you!

I’m trusting God that this new journey is going to be amazing for all of us, so strap on your seat belts and

prepare to be blown away.

P.S – Who noticed that this blog address no longer carries ‘’? Ha-ha! Look again. I’m so excited, can you feel my joy? It is such a big step for me to finally upgrade and have my own domain name. Next up on my list is to find an anointed editor , then a content creator, then…Lol, just kidding, but who knows right?

P.S- its funny that I have to include another post script, but at the time of editing this post, I got a volunteer editor!!

Thanks again for sticking around. I truly appreciate you.


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