Why I write ….

I’ve been procrastinating this post for too long. But no more, I write it today! Consistency hasn’t been my forte of recent, I apologize. I’ve thought of closing the blog down altogether, but I don’t think I’m there yet.

It doesn’t feel like it, but it’s really been three years (almost four) since the birth of ‘My Collage’. Wow!

So maybe I’m re-evealuating when I ask myself, why do you write? Allow me give you the backstory of how “My Collage” started.

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I discovered I loved writing in 2009, it started with short poems and fictional stories which I used to put up on Facebook (Facebook was the in-thing then),  and I got alot of feedback at the time, I particularly remember someone commenting that my poems read like the psalms of David! Lol.

Moving forward to 2015 I was in a relationship with this gentleman who thought I could do more with my writing, he said “why not start a blog?”(D, if you are reading this, thanks for sowing the seed). He introduced me to his collegeue who ran a blog at the time and who pushed and encouraged and helped with resources till I finally began, (Ikhide, thanks for that push, and I miss grow360).

So in March 2016 I started the blog, I initially struggled with naming it, I went from “Everyday people” to “The ideal life” and then finally “My Collage”. Now, that name has it’s own story, and I’m going to tell it too! (Story inside story, like our dear Nigerian movies, lol)

I love collage, and in secondary school I made a very brilliant one of a fisherman at sea, and it got displayed in our fine art room. I used a sponge for my fisherman’s net, a can of air freshener for the boat, cotton wool for clouds and lots of other interesting stuff. (Unfortunately we didn’t get a snapshot, so I don’t have the memory saved). It was just interesting how those little bits of seemingly irrelevant stuff came together to make such a beautiful work of art.

It reminded me of the scripture “All things work together for good…”

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
Romans 8:28 NLT

Meaning that for those that love God, all life experiences (good, bad and ugly) eventually make a beautiful picture when put together and thus came the name of the blog. Tadaa!

So finally why do I write? I write because I love to. I write to share the pieces of my own Collage as I look towards the day when I can step back and see how all these pieces finally make sense when put together. Finally, I write to encourage/remind you to not look at the tiny pieces of your existence in isolation, but to see the big picture that’s being painted with each stroke and to appreciate that beauty does come out of ashes.

Thanks for staying with me through the years (even these inconsistent periods), and cheers to more years of writing, reading, learning and growing. *wink*


6 thoughts on “Why I write ….

  1. Appreciate you using your potential to the fullest across disciplined. I have read secretly some of your writings in your note book before now. It reminds me of some well balanced highly qualified Nigerian doctors who wrote so well in addition to practising . I will give you a piece I kept since my induction in July 1984. My friend , room mate, and classmate is in that league.Still practising he has written books and recently had a road show of one of his writings in USA. Keep it up for we are created for Good works in Christ Jesus.

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