Hello, its beautiful to have you here, and it feels good to be back. We have alot of catching up to do, so just relax and enjoy, let me give you gist.

Change they say is the only constant thing in nature, such an oxymoron but it rings true many times. A number of things have changed about the blog since I went on that long break (I am tempted to call it a maternity leave!).

First was the purchase of my domain name, a dream that had been in the pipeline for so long, but my fear of uncharted waters and new territories kept holding me back, but thank God I finally closed my eyes and dived in, now here we are.

Next was the logo. This area has plenty gist, but I would summarize. Part of the plan for the re-opening of the blog was to design a ‘frosh’ logo. I tried to do so myself but met with some heavy road blocks, then I got the help of a professional and yet, the roadblocks showed up again. So after many designs that were not truly representative of the blog identity, we finally decided to let the logo sleep in the cooler for now, it is not ready to be born yet (another maternity leave coming up for that one, or maybe not, lol).

Hope you like the blog header though, it came as divine inspiration just in the nick of time.

isn’t she lovely…

Then came the name change, this was the biggest dive for me. You see, the former blog name was ‘My Collage” then suddenly this new name came to me while praying about the blog and God was saying to me it was not “mine” but “His”.

I struggled with this one like Jacob wrestled with God. I said no, “His Collage” sounds so weird, why not ‘The Collage’ or just ‘Collage’, that “His” was not just working. I cannot just be diving into new waters every time, I don’t even know how to swim, lol. There was a lot of back and forth but eventually I surrendered. So my people, whether we like the name or not, it has come to stay.

Finally, let me tell you a little story. In Secondary School I loved art (I still do), even as a science student. I worked on a collage in my fine art class and I was so fascinated by how we used different household materials to create a stunning work of art. It was the scene of a fisherman at sea, we had cotton wool as clouds, an old sponge as the fishing net, an empty can of air freshener as the boat, and so many other interesting materials that I can’t even recall. (I really wish I had the picture to insert here).

What fascinates me all these years later is the fact that all those materials were going to be thrown in the trash can, but we were able to create such an amazing piece when we put them together.

Doesn’t that just capture life, if you look at certain life experiences, they may not make much sense alone, but when you can weave everything together, connecting it all like puzzle pieces, you would get what I call “the big picture” and it always makes sense.

In a broader view, each one of us is a piece in a bigger collage being designed by God, it is the biggest collage of all times and it has spanned generations and still He continues to build. You see why it’s His now right? He is the builder, the artist, and the craftsman.

So, that’s all for today’s gist. Now you have some insight into the “behind the scenes” of this movie that’s playing out. Stay seated and ready, we just pressed play.


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