Beyond the looks…

Hello you, I am really excited to be writing today! Months back I wrote a post titled Defensive, about my experience as a petite person and how my kind is often misjudged. Well, as a response to that, I got a request from a dear friend to do a post about plus-size, aka chubby, aka fat people and how they too are often misjudged.

P.S- it’s interesting how the word ‘fat’ is considered offensive. We prefer subtler adjectives like plus-size or chubby. I literally thought twice before using it above. Anyway discussion for another day.

Well I interviewed this dear friend about the issue. So let’s hear from the horses mouth, shall we?

Good day dear, can you tell us one unique thing about yourself?
Well, I like to look for positivity in all things.

That’s awesome. So you enjoyed the post titled ‘defensive‘, What part of it struck you?
I was struck by something you wrote, I quote “you need to build confidence in something other than your size……and also change your mind set….some people would take you for granted even if you were 6 feet tall, it not really you, they just have problem respecting others.

Nicee. So you have a case for a special group of people, people that are overweight, why?
You see, most people look down on overweight people, they feel these people are dirty, they are not beautiful, they can’t attract the right kind of guys for ladies and vice versa for guys too, they have to beg for love and acceptance, people assume they are unhealthy and cannot do a lot of things.

Wow, that’s a lot. Can you share any experiences?
There are a lot of experiences to share, I have been told there was no space on a bus before just because I am fat and I had to go and wait for the next bus, asides that, I was also removed form a dance group because I am fat, my family and friends have suggested that I should go and get married, because I am fat.

Hmm, those are really not good experiences. So if given the opportunity to speak to/for fat people, what would you like to say?
If I was given the opportunity to speak, first and foremost I would say be happy with yourself and believe in who you are, big and bold is beautiful. Also if your weight is affecting your health you should cut down or watch what you eat (Health is wealth). People should understand that, being overweight is not an excuse for idleness, laziness or unhealthy habits.

Very well said, Any last words?
Whether fat, slim, short, tall we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God, enjoy being who God has created you to be.

Finally just humour me, if you could have one super power, what would it be?
The ability to control TIME!

Great choice👍

Well what more can I say, we are told not to judge books by their covers, let’s try not to judge people by their size, height, color, tribe etc.. Lose the prejudice, give everyone a fair chance.

Lose the prejudice. Look beyond the looks.

#Jesus Rules.

5 thoughts on “Beyond the looks…

  1. Awesome read. Yes I can surely relate to being petite. People always look at me and automatically think I’m very young which isn’t necessarily bad at all. Even at my work place, I had a customer approach me telling me that it doesn’t look like I should be working because I’m probably 14 years of age. People make judgements so quickly.

    I like this post because it enlightens is about how plus size people feel about being judged. Every size is beautiful. Indeed, health is wealth. It’s important for one to take care of themselves. There is no excuse for anyone to just not look after themselves. Choice of diet is important. We must be wise in everything that we do 😊

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  2. Some people are born big others small, some chubby, but non is ever born “fat”
    So being fat can be as a result of;
    – Our upbringing (when we were little)
    – Our own choice (uncontrolled appetite)

    If you look at the size of a “fat” person’s head, you can tell how much weight you can tell how much weight they can loose and how they are going to appear, just as the head can be used to tell starved and malnourished people.

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    • Thank you my dear, interestingly though, some babies are born fat, it’s called ‘Fetal Macrosomia’, a friend of mine was that way from birth, his case was so bad that it was life threatening. But that’s by the way, the moral here is that we learn to treat people with respect and consideration and not make conclusions about their abilities or treat them in a condescending manner because of how they look. Thanks.

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