A liitle poem for the Sunday I love. Enjoy๐Ÿ˜‰

I love Sundays ,
They remind me of the father,
How he rested after he had formed man,
After he had said “this is very Good”.

I love Sundays,
They remind me of worship,
That whole-hearted dedication to God,
Basking in his love, beholding his glory.

I love sundays,
They remind me of young Jesus,
Teaching his teachers at the temple,
Making father proud,
Oh, how I aspire to do same.

I love sundays,
The fellowship of believers,
As we sit at his feet together,
Iron sharpens iron.

I love Sundays,
It’s time spent with family,
My spiritual family,
United by the blood of Jesus,
Bond by his love.

I love Sundays,ย 
They remind me of my saviour,
Teaching and healing on the Sabbath,
Spreading the father’s love ,
Doing good.

I love Sundays
Because God blessed it and said it’s holy
Genesis 2:3.
It just gives me such joy
To say, happy Sunday.

P.S- We can fellowship with God every day. But Sunday’s just hold a special feel for me. It’s time spent with family; the body of christ. Some may say Sabbath is Saturday, it’s not the day of the week in itself, it’s the understanding of its purpose.

Happy Sunday!

#Jesus Rules.

4 thoughts on “SUNDAY LOVE

  1. Beautiful poem!

    I love Sunday too,
    Another day to pray 4 me & U,
    For his grace to see us through,
    Not forgetting my rice & stew. ๐Ÿ˜


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