As a child, enviromental sanitation to me were those Saturdays where my parents were home till almost noon and everyone had to work in and around the house, cooking, cleaning and generally running errands.

In fact I didn’t know it was called enviromental sanitation till later, we just called it ‘enviromenta’ . My mum or dad would say there “is enviromenta this saturday o” and that just meant we were all going to be home working. Funny thing is my mum had my little sister (who is not so little anymore) on one of such Saturday’s, quite an interesting story there, but not for today.

Anyway, with age came more understanding about those stay-home Saturdays, and i got to know that they were days mandated by Government for residents of various states to sanitize their enviroment. So at least if people forgot to clean up every other weekend, on sanitation days there was no excuse, after all one could not even go out (I know som very determined peple that still escaped though).

I think the motive behind enviromenta was good; a clean enviroment would contribute to good health and eventually a healthy, productive society! Now that’s for the enviroment of our physical body. What about the enviroment of our heart/mind?

A healthy mind is a priceless thing, and yes, your mind has an enviroment. Your mind feeds on what you see and hear, which is determined by where you go, who you listen to and people you interact with.

We have to be intentional about what enviroment we expose our minds to because that in turn would influence the kind of people we become.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.
Proverbs 4:23 NIV

Don’t just let information be shoved down your throat. Be intentional. You don’t need to read every book or watch every movie, you don’t need to visit some of those sites or follow every celebrity, you don’t need to listen to that gist or move with those friends,  if that would only bring filth into your enviroment. Choose activities, places and people that create a good enviroment around you.

I see people being so pessimistic about life and dissatisfied with themsleves, because they have fed on all the negativity around them, in the media from friends and from family. They see their ‘mates’ getting verified on Instagram and they are yet to have a hundred followers.

There is alot out there, but we can deliberately choose what we expose oursleves to. So let us do oursleves a favour and do some enviromenta for the sake of our hearts and minds. Let us create a good, clean, productive enviroment around ourselves and trust me, you would be better for it.

Cheers to a successful environmental sanitation!!

#Jesus rules😉


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