Because it’s Father’s day…

It’s Sunday! and it’s Father’s day! And I’m double-excited!!

Why? Well Sunday is always a special day for me but today is super special because I have two amazing fathers to celebrate, My Heavenly daddy and my earthly daddy 😊.

Father 1….Introduction 

My first daddy is God, the creator of the universe, the king of all kings the one who has all power in the whole wide world. He gave up his throne and kingdom and came to Earth to pay the ransom for my wrong doings, he restored me to a place of Kingship and Kinship even though I didn’t deserve it, then he blessed me with every blessing possible. You see, I am royalty!

My first daddy created me and when He was done, He said I was very good. That’s all I need for a helathy self esteem. He takes care of me like I am an only child (and we are plenty in the family oh), I feel special all the time. He is ever present, there’s no time I need help that he isn’t around. He provides for all my needs and then adds some.

My first daddy is a disciplinarian, he trains and refines me through adversity. He acts like a potter and continues to work on my mould till I’m perfectly beautified. But He never lets me face more than i can handle per time, and even in my training, He’s always there, sometimes silent, but still my ever present support.

My first daddy is big magnificient. He is smart, I mean He’s Wisdom itself, he is wealthy beyond measure and His love, don’t get me started on that because I’m yet to grasp the width, height, length and breadth of it. He is awesome, amazing and limitless and I love him!

Father 2…Introduction

My Second Daddy …..inserts name….. He is the one who was instrumental to my birth on earth. He received me from my first daddy and made a promise to look after me and bring me up to be the best I can be. He has supported my dreams and visions all these years even when I jump from one dream to another, he Jumps with me😁.

My second daddy is an amazing man, full of intergrity, disciplined  and smart with a big heart for others. I don’t know anyone more faithful to his responsibilities than my dad. He’d make every needed sacrifice to make sure I’m fine. He’d go out of his way to make sure I have the best. He knows how to make me feel like a princess!

My second daddy is a disciplinarian too, from him I learnt time management, discipline, honesty, financial accountability and giving. He takes fathering personal. For him its not a passive activity, its strategic planning! We have our fights but I don’t know anyone (on earth) that has sacrificed for my well being as much as my second daddy. He is my first mentor and I love him!

In conclusion

So you see how blessed I am, and why I am super excited? I have two amazing Fathers all in one lifetime. I look at the woman I’m becoming and I cannot but be thankful to my two Fathers.



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