Present or Relevant??

Hello, don’t you just love weekends? I know I do, but often times they tend to pass too quickly.

About two Sundays ago, I was at Church and during the sermon, the preacher made a statement about relevance and presence and it caught the whole of my attention and I knew I just had to share the gist with you. You ready?

Rewind to about 3 years ago when a friend made this same distinction. He shared with me a true story which I would recount here. So there’s this man, lets call him Mr A, he is married with two beautiful children, and he loves his family to the moon and back, but his work makes him travel all the time so he’s only present for a few days in a week, sometimes a month. Now Mr A understands that he has children to raise and a wife to love and care for, so even though he can’t be home, he’s on the phone every evening talking with his family via voice or video calls. He asks each child about their day, he corrects, scolds, encourages and praises them, he takes his time with each one and then Mrs A gets her time too! Now, Mr A doesn’t always feel up to this after a hard day at work, but he understands that he must stay relevant to his family and play his role despite his physical absence. I believe you are getting the picture now.

Being present is important, but something importanter more important than that is being relevant. Sometimes you can be both (present and relevant) but there are times you can’t be around, that doesn’t mean you can’t remain relevant. I’ve heard this statement before; it’s not the quantity or length of a life but the quality or impact it made, quite similar to my point. I’d just rephrase and say;

it’s not always about your presence but how relevant/impactful your life is.

Take Jesus as a case study, he lived 33years, and did ministry for 3years. But in that short time, he made sure his presence left an impact. And now that he is absent in the flesh, His life is still relevant and impactful.

Now how does this apply to me and you? Well, as far as life in general is concerned, we are all present (once you are living) but we need to go an extra mile to make sure our lives count for something. We can take this  into every facet of life too, be relevant at your work place, be relevant at school, be relevant to your friends and family too, be relevant in church (the benches are warm enough, get up and do something!) be relevant, period.

But how? You may ask, i’d suggest these steps;

  • Make the decision to be relevant and have it at the back of your mind wherever you go. it’s not going to be spontaneous, it would take effort.
  • Open your eyes to the needs around you, either in your enviroment or in the lives of people.
  • Think up ways to meet those needs, either personally or with the help of others.
  • Finally get to work by doing the needful.

Note, if you would be relevant, you have to stop thinking of yourself alone and think of others too.

Don’t be satisfied with just being around, be relevant.

Don’t just be like matter (which occupies space and has weight), be relevant!!

Cheers to a life of relevance.😉


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