“Change- an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another”

I’m almost as surprised as you are to see this blog post, It has been too long!

Its been exactly 9 weeks and 4 days since I posted anything, and it wasn’t even an intentional break. As some would say, life just happened.


Change is said to be the only constant thing in nature, such an oxymoron.

I am currently going through a phase of change. It has been hard adjusting to having things constantly evolving around me after 7 (almost 8) years of living by a fairly constant schedule. All of a sudden I’m in a space where I can not even predict the next week. It is scary, exciting and a bit overwhelming. Sometimes I wish for my scheduled, predictable-life, but that would mean going back. Unacceptable.

This new phase has seen me being pretty disorganized and less productive than I would like, but I’m gradually beginning to find my feet again. (It is interesting how we tend to get more stuff done when we have alot to juggle, and less when we finally have the free time we always craved).

So why don’t I share with you some important lessons I am learning in this era of ‘change’….

  1. PLAN: When moving from one phase to another, plan. Especially when you know beforehand that change is upon you, please plan. Plan your finances, plan your time, plan for predictable challenges. Plan, plan, plan.
  2. SEEK COUNSEL: Do your homework. This would actually help you plan wisely, It helps you know what to prepare for and areas of ‘yourself’ you need to strengthen . Others have gone before you, learn from them, don’t wait to make your own mistakes. Remember where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. Provebs 11:14.
  3. ACCEPTANCE: Stop looking back and wishing for the past, accept the now and make the best of it.You won’t get the best of now till you stop gazing back at yesterday.
  4. LEARN: The process of change would bring with it many lessons, learn them, because you would need them the next time you have to face change again (remember change is constant so you two would definitely be meeting again). Change would teach you about your strengths and weakness, your ability to adapt and manage challenges, and even your relationship with people.

So that’s about it!

Now these points hold true for almost any change in life;ย  being a student to joining the working class, being single to getting married, being just a couple to having kids, being employed to owning your own business, having a job to getting retired, the list goes on.


Planning, counsel, acceptance and learning would always help us navigate change successfully.

For the sake of emphasis…

  • Plan for change
  • Seek Counsel
  • Accept the process
  • Learn from it

Don’t let change disorganize your life, especially when you know beforehand that it is coming. Planning ahead doesn’t guarantee a completely smooth transition, but I can assure you that it would be so much better and smoother than walking in blindly.

Cheers to living productively despite changing odds.๐Ÿ˜‰

What was your period of change like and how did you handle it? Do share with us..


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