Get help!

A busy lazy  day coupled with evasive internet service prevented me from having this post ready earlier. But I’m undeterred, its 36mins to midnight and I’m going to race against time to have this post due before the clock chimes 00:00, and a cinderella-moment occurs. Elisha outran the chariots of Ahab, so I can outrun time!

I got thinking about life, and situations that cage us in states and places that we don’t enjoy but still can’t get away from. Situations that you hate but are too scared to escape from, habits that threaten to ruin us but we’d rather self destruct than let the next person see where we hurt, or how we fail, or how human we are.

There’s this young lady, she’s so smart and pretty, she’s perfect in everyone’s eyes but she knows she struggles sometimes, she makes mistakes too, big ones, but she doesn’t know who to tell, won’t they think she’s less?

I know a young man, he’s great in everyway, ladies say he’s husband material, i must say I agree too, but there’s something we all don’t know, he still has some skeletons hanging out in his cupboard, habits that he’d never dare mention, even to his dear friends. He’s trying to deal with his demons, all alone, but he’s truly afraid, yet no one knows.

Get help, there are some battles you can’t fight alone. Get help because Isolation is a smooth road to self destruction. Get help before its too late, before you are too far gone. Sometimes the best way out is to speak up, It’s not a crime not to always have it all together, to be weak in some places or in need of assistance. Because you do not know it all (seeing as you aren’t God), please get help.

I write this to myself as much as to everyone else. Because I especially find it so difficult to share my pains and struggles, but I’m learning now and again that its better to seek help even when i feel too ashamed to do so than to hold it all together when I’m really just dying inside. There are those that have travelled the same road that has you confused and helpless, seek them out and learn from them. The Holyspirit help us in our infirmities, but sometimes he uses men.

Get help when you need help, it doesn’t mean you are weak. It just means you are super wise😆!

I MADE IT! 11:52pm (this is record-breaking!)


4 thoughts on “Get help!

  1. Someone somewhere awaits your story, and how you were able to scale through the storms and challenges. Be an inspiration to someone😎


  2. Beautifully put..we all need to be able to share our struggles and weaknesses..healing comes a lot of the times from sharing our weakness and hurt…caveat though..the person we share with should be significantly more mature in that area..we should first of all make sure the person doesn’t struggle in that same area…someone having a struggle in her marriage should not be getting counsel from an older lady also struggling in her marriage on how to fix it..
    Weldone Sade..


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