Somwhere between lectures and prepering for my trip tomorrow I forgot that today was friday. Just until a few minutes ago, i had totally forgotten that i had to be here ๐Ÿ˜Š, but I’m glad i remembered, so let’s journey together shall we?

It’s a few days to Christmas and I’m so glad to be going home (who else feels same? Hands up please!).ย  Asides the truth that this season is really all about Jesus, i love that I get to spend time with family.

Family, can’t live with them can’t live without them. Do you have a perfect cozy family? well I dont. Have you ever had those moments when its time to go home and be with family and all you want to do is run away to the farthest place from home and enjoy your holiday in peace because home holds too much drama and you just don’t have the strength? (Whew! That was a long question) but have you? That used to be me.

I love my family, growing up, i couldn’t say this, i thought my family was dysfunctional, i wished for something else, anything else. Why couldn’t we just be like other families? Why couldn’t we be normal? Well I never knew that our “dysfunctionalities” would only serve to make me strong.

I love my family, its not because we are perfect, not because we always get along, but because overtime I’ve learnt that WE ARE FAMILY (you know that movie?)ย  And that’s enough reason for me to love them, crazy and all, because after we fight, there’s laughter, even when we disgree we still bond and when all is said and done all the mix up of experiences we’ve had together builds up into a lovely album of memories that i just love to look at over and over again.

I’m not sure how coherent I am right now (lol), but as you spend time with family this holiday remember this, whatever your family looks like, perfect or disastrous see the good in the faults because our diffrences are the spice of life. So love in spite off…not because of, life is better that way.


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