God is a heartbreaker!

I always thought my heart was the shape of love โค,
Till anatomy gave me a rude shock that i was wrong.

I always thought my heart was a fountain of emotions,
Till physiology told me it was a blood pump.
I always thought my heart could get broken,
Till i realised it was made of muscle, and muscles dont break.
But I’d be unscientific for the sake of this poem,
And agree with the world that hearts do break,
And I’d beg you to pay attention as I tell you about how my heart got broken.

God is a heartbreaker!
And He does it so perfectly,
If anyone should receive a prize in the feild, it should be Him,
Many a broken heart have been victims of His breaking touch,
And I am one of such, hear my story.

I was just little girl when I met Him,
I didn’t know what love was, but He promised to show me,
I was innocent and naive, but he promised to school me,
I was trusting and vulnerable
And he said he won’t hurt me…..
Scratch that
Now that i think of it, he didn’t actually say he won’t hurt me,
He just said he wouldn’t give me more than I could bear,
i guess i misunderstood Him,
Till he began to break my heart.

He went to work like a construction worker,
He bulldozed his way through all my defenses,
Upturned all my faulty beliefs,
And dug out all my wrong convictions,
And when I Screamed, “Lord you are breaking my heart!”
He whispered back “I never promised it would be easy, but i did say I’d be here”.
And he was true to that word,
He was there while i bled out all my doubts and insecurities,
He was there while the sword of the spirit pierced me in delicate places,
He was there, always there.

Then when the breaking and turning was done,
Like a gardner tends to a tender plant he began to fix me,
He watered me with love till I blossomed,
And pruned me through many experiences,
He put a glow of hope in my heart,
And cemented my wounds with his peace,
Then He wrapped my heart in an armour of faith
My heart looks like a warrior now!

God is a heart breaker,
and He does it too well,
I know this from experience.

#JesusRules ๐Ÿ˜‰

4 thoughts on “God is a heartbreaker!

  1. And the end product of the each heart-break is a diamond-like-heart that’s able to withstand and survive the pressures of the world….an unbreakeable one at that ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–โคโค

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