Passion and Diligence

I’m  laughing, reading over the title of today’s post, it reminds me of the motto of some schools and associations; Godliness with excellence, peace and unity, strength and honor.. you know any more?😂

Hello darling reader, TGIF right? Are we discussing motto or vision statements today? Not at all. I have something else on my heart, Just follow me.

Few weeks ago, i was strolling scrolling past a friend’s status on whatsapp when i saw a picture that caught my attention, and has held on to it since that day. Now, on that picture was a quote (my apologies, it was the quote that caught my attention not the picture😊), although  i can’t quote it verbatim, it went something like this;

A thing is started with passion but sustained with diligence


When i read that statement, i had an eureka moment. It was like a light bulb (big halogen lamp kind) came on in my head and things finally made sense. I’ve had cause to ruminate over that satement again and again since that day. I even had it written out and pasted on my wall. So why does it mean so much to me? I’d explain.

I have an overactive mind (old story, right?), well this overactive mind tends to come up with ideas ever so often, sometimes i find it hard to discern my ideas from God’s or i find it difficult to make a clear demarcation between the things i want to do because i consider them as good, and the things God wants me to do because his ways are more excellent (how i discern this is another story altogether). When i do get past that dilemma and start executing ideas, I’m usually very PASSIONATE about it, i give it my all, it’s like am running on rocket fuel! But give me a few days, weeks or months and I’m already bored, looking for something else to pursue or execute.

That’s why i never settled down to learn to play lawn tennis, that’s why i never finished my violin classes, that’s why i have many uncompleted stories, that’s why I’m also surprised that I’m still blogging 😊. Because its easy when you are filled with a passion for somethingg and all that adrenaline is pumping. But when the excitement is fading and there’s still work to be done what happens?  I’d tell you, Diligence happens. Diligence would cause you to keep at it even when the sky is no longer turquoise blue and you are wondering why you ever ventured in, in the first place.

This for me is such a valuable lesson and i hope it helps you too. I see its application in every area of my life, my studies, my relationships, even my fellowship with my heavenly father. Sometimes i don’t feel like it, but now i know i must be diligent and do what i must. So i believe I’d be having less abandoned projects henceforth and I’m glad. (Yay!😆)

Dear one, when the excitement of a thing is gone, that doesn’t have to be the end. Let me put it this way, when you can no longer soar on the wings of passion (which makes it a bit effortless i must confesss), be ready run the rest of the way, on the tracks of diligence.

Cheers to a life of diligently doing things from START to FINISH!


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