Aren’t  we all?

I am yet to meet a perfect human being…Its quite interesting but even the most amazing people still have struggles. There’s always that something that isn’t quite there yet. It may not show from afar but you only need to get close enough to realise that everyone, i mean EVERYONE is flawed.

I’ve been told by some that I’m an awesome person, in my heart i smile and say “if only you knew”, because although many may not notice i know that i am deeply flawed.

I’ve learnt not to be dissapointed when people i look up to make silly mistakes. Some would say “but he’s a christian”, “but he’s a pastor”, “oww.. i had so much faith in him”, i say, but he’s still human and we are all flawed, the best of people still get it wrong sometimes.

I guess that’s  why Hebrews 12:2a says…

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith…

He’s the only one that’s flawless, faultless and perfect. Now he alone can’t disappoint. Never has, never will. I mean he said he’d die and he did, that’s just the height!

A writer i love with all my heart said something like.. ” if you remember that you too are flawed and you need forgivness everyday you’d learn to be less jugemental and treat other’s with grace” (paraphrased).

Now let’s leave the flaws of others and talk about ours. I know i am not the only one that looks in the mirror and goes like “I should be past this by now, i shouldn’t still be making these mistakes”, sometimes you look at your own flaws and they disgust you, you wish you could be someone else, someone a little more perfect, a liitle less flawed.

Darlings, i’ve learnt a valuable lesson, it may sound silly (a number of God’s ways do, most of his ways in fact ) but i now know that my flaws are meant to remind me about Jesus. Like if i was all perfect and holy and sanctimonious why would i need Jesus? Wouldn’t i be proud and puffed up and self sufficient? We are all flawed and broken in different ways to pull us to the only one that can make us complete, Jesus.

So when you see that imperfection about you, that dent in your spirit, that disability that you bear, remember Jesus. Take it to him and let him mould you. Don’t get vexed that you arent ‘all that’,  you are a work in progress, a master piece in the making and you know what i just loveeee about my JESUS? He loves to walk/work with flawed and broken people.

Now when i think of my flaws both (physical and attitudinal), i smile, (it’s not always easy o, but i try😊) because these  flaws do two things for me, they help me appreciate other flawed human beings when they fail and  keep me running back to Jesus because I’m beautified in him.


6 thoughts on “FLAWED..

  1. I’d say it again, you’re an awesome lady. The fact that your flaws aren’t noticed by a lot of people shows how awesome you are. I celebrate you Olanubi Folasade😊


  2. That was a beautiful post, if only we would all see our flaws as a means to get closer to God, I believe the world would be a better place.


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