Under construction…



Its December, Yipeee!๐Ÿ˜„. The last month of the year and I’m happy to be here.

So its been 11months and ย (almost) three days, 2016 has been an amazing year for me. Amazing, not because its been all smiles and blessings but because I’ve learnt many lessons. And you know how people say life is not a bed of roses? I beg to differ, my life this year has been a bed of roses, because ย as beautiful as roses are, don’t forget its still a thorn bush, so imagine lying in a bed of thorns and soft petals…..now you get the point.๐Ÿ˜Š

I imagine God as a very creative and skilled artisan, and this year He looked at His handiwork (me) and after a thoughtful pause said to the other heavenly host….*in a deep baritone* ” hmmm, this piece isn’t finished yet, there’s still alot to be done here” He calls out “Gabriel!, get me my tools and lets get to work” so He folds up His holy sleeves, then out comes the chisel, the hammer and the file and He gets to work…a little here, a little there, smoothen this up and that too and with each bit he removes or smoothens there’s a smile on His face because He can see His mind’s design come to reality.

Meanwhile on this side of heaven i feel the impact of His work a little differently, as He chisels away at my flaws i struggle, too proud to see that he knows better, too self confident to just lean on him and not my own strength, but its worthless because in the end i still have to surrender, its the only way to win. The hammer comes down on me like challenges that leave me wondering where my God is ” O, father why has thou forsaken me”. The smoothening are times of relief, bliss, when all is so smooth and its so easy to say “Lord, i love you”. But hard or easy the whole process has one aim, that I may be like Him.

2016 has had its tears, laughter, failure, sickness, triumphs, testimonies, achievements, new discoveries, uncomfortable adjustments, and its not even over yet. But i’m glad that my God is at work in me. Sometimes i want to scream “Enough! Can’t i just stay the way i am”, change can be hard and exhausting especially when its from inside out. To lay down my pride and say God break me, to accept the truth that i know next to nothing, to obey even when i dont want to take another step, to keep moving even when i cant see what’s ahead.

But you know what? There’s nothing as blissful as looking back at who you were in the recent past and being able to say today “I am a better person”, this is growth.

So as the year runs out and you count your blessings, don’t forget the lessons too. You are a work in progress.


2 thoughts on “Under construction…

  1. True talk my dear…….
    We are indeed still under construction and will always be…
    I pray we don’t expire or be overwhelmed by challenges before we yield completely to His master Craft.

    Keep up za good work!

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