Take your own advice

I’ve heard it said that talk is cheap, I’m not sure who coined that statement but many times, I’m tempted to agree. Put in other words, that phrase simply means that it’s easier to talk than to do.

With that I say a beautiful hello to you, welcome to the show (blog)😊.

Let me rewind a little to the origin of this post…

I hurt a friend this week, no not physically, but with my words. I said something unkind to her and I said it twice. Yes, so self righteous was I in making my point that I repeated the hurtful words with so much panache and so little consideration for the look of hurt that showed up on her face. Talk about being insensitive.

A few minutes after the incident I sat on my bed and reviewed the conversation; my side, her side and every other side, I was trying to figure out at what point our talk took a downward spiral, and then something struck me, quite simply, I HAD NOT BEEN LISTENING.

You must know that there is a world of difference between listening and hearing, well if you did not, now you know, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.

Listening connotes paying attention in order to understand the thought a person is trying to  put into words, it’s you ability to truly get their point. Hearing on the other hand is just paying attention to the words, it’s  your ability to perceive sound.

So there I was reviewing things and I realised things went south so quickly because I heard and responded without truly listening to understand her point, (too many times we listen to respond not to understand). The funny thing is as I went over the conversation in my head I also recalled that while trying to make my point I had accused her of not listening to me. A typical caseof native pot calling a modern kettle black.

So someone asked, what does this  have to do with taking your own advice? As the post title reads, I’m getting there.

Still on my bed, I sat analysing and reviewing the incident and I thought of many other times I had accused people of not listening to me,  and how many times I had advised others to listen and not just hear. Then my thoughts took a turn around that corner and I began to recall all the other pieces of advice I have given on various issues and I asked myself how much of my own advice do I take?

How much of your own advice do you take?

It is quite easy to counsel others and give great advice, we dish out words of wisdom and practical tips that would sell really well if we put them into a book. But how much of our own words do we listen to? how much of it do we practice? Talk is cheap, and actions speak louder.

If you must give advice, let it be something you have practiced, or can practice if in those same shoes. If not, you just might be burdening others with unrealistic goals. Show yourself as a man or woman of intergrity by taking your own advice first.

Now, once in a while even with all our best intentions I know we may still falter and forget to take our own advice as I did, It’s understandable. But if you are one that never takes the same advice you find easy to give others, then there’s a problem there.

So the moral here is simple…Practice what you preach (and as an aside don’t just hear people, please learn to listen).


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