Have you ever been hungry before?
Have you had an empty stomach that desperately needed to be filled?
Have you felt that cramping pain that send signals to you brain
Eat eat eat….?

Hunger, real hunger.
A hunger not for bread or meat but for God,
Birthed in the depths of your soul,
That feeling of a desperate need to be filled,
Not with wine but with his spirit,
Not tomorrow but today,
Have you really been hungry before?

Hunger that makes you search far and wide,
You dont Mind six, ten hours or more,
You stay put and wait till he fills you with his presence,
Like Jacob you aren’t willing to let go till you are fed and satisfied.

He said those who hunger and thirst would be filled,
It’s the first step, no short cut,
That desperate longing for the everlasting King,
That desire to be cocooned in the arms of His love,
Not another minute but right now.
Have you really been hungry before?

There’s no in-filling without hunger,
No breaking forth or tearing down,
Till you hunger and thirst,
You must begin with an empty stomach,
That’s the starting point, no shortcut,
It would drive you like nothing else will,
Into a search that ends in one place, Him.

The cloud of witnessess sing;
You are my magnificent obsession,
I want more of you,
I am a desperate person,
All I need is you Lord,
Set my heart on fire for you,
I want to know you more,

Can you hear the heart of hungry men?

It starts with a hunger,
Which births passion and desire,
Many would not understand your cravings,
Keep pressing in till that emptiness is filled.


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