Forgive me vs I’m sorry

Hello you!😇 its been some days and as usual I’m excited to be here! It’s sharing time again, hopefully this is going to be short. I learnt something quite simple but really fundamental some time ago and I’d like us to consider the matter together. You ready?

I was born to christian parents, and I grew up listening to teachings on forgiveness; when you displease God, go to him for forgiveness, when you displease mummy and daddy, ask for forgivness and when you offend anyone else, seek their forgivness, because it’s what God expects of us. It wasn’t until later that I also learnt that there are times you might need to seek forgivness even when you feel you are right, because someone took your actions (which were done with the purest intentions) and misconstrued it and then got offended and as one with a heart of love and peace you still  have to seek forgivness from the offended party (sounds complicated right? lol) anyway being misunderstood isn’t the crux of the discussion today, Forgivness is.

I have an overactive mind (I’ve said it before, yea, yea. Just wanted to remind you😊) and one day while my mind was in gear (sometimes its neutral) I thought…isn’t forgivness a request?……. well, I think it is.

Now this is how I see it, I offend someone and I want to make up for it and all I do is request for forgivness, imagine it, I am still the one making requests on top the offence i have committed, asking, instead of offering. Don’t misunderstand me please, seeking forgivness isn’t the problem, but i think it should come after those golden words that some of us find very hard to say because pride has so stuffed our mouths that we can not vocalise well…

Why not say I‘m sorry first, an apology before a request “I’m sorry, I was wrong, please forgive me” doesn’t that sound so much better than just “forgive me” like you are going to collect something that’s your right.

If you can make this face too.. perfect!

Like i said its quite a simple matter but really fundamental. I’ve learnt to apply this alot in my relationship with my heavenly Father, when I err, first thing is “Lord, I’m sorry, I’m really, really sorry” and then “thanks for forgiving me” (because with God forgivness is freely given, what he needs is your repentance not really your request for forgivness (see the emphasis o, before someone interpretes that as me saying, don’t ask God for forgivness).

I guess the point my mind is making is this; let’s learn to say sorry before making a request for forgivness. I feel it just shows remorse better

Yippe i was right, it is a short post (at least shorter than most😊)
Have a splendid weekend full of love and Joy and the kind of Peace Jesus gives.

P.s- let’s be truly sorry when we say “sorry”, not saying sorry with a raised voice or because we’ve been mandated to. Even when you feel you are right. “I’m sorry” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done wrong, it just means you see someone has been hurt and you are sorry you were involved (directly/indirectly) in causing that hurt.


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