I learnt my lessons too well…

They say it’s foolish to make the same mistake twice,
i took that to heart.They say once beaten twice shy,
that was my case.
I was determined never to repeat my mistakes,
Never to be bitten again by the same snake,
So I sat down and took notes,
With great effort i strategised,
A bullet proof plan that ensured I’d not be hit,
An impenetrable armour of steel,
Yes i was ready, I had learnt my lessons,
But maybe a little too well,
Because soon that armour became my cage,
And my well thought out plans held me ransom,
I wanted get out, but i was scared, too scared.
I wondered,
What if i loosen my grasp just a little?
But then what if i make the same mistake again?
I had been so sure that the lessons learnt would protect me from getting hurt again,
But now that’s exactly how i feel,
Hurt by this protective sheild,
Maybe, just maybe I learnt my lessons a little to well.

This is my story, recent events have made me realize that learning from past mistakes is good and fine, but not all lessons learnt would apply, not even to similar situations in the future. I’m learning not to be too stiff or too fearful of making mistakes (some mistakes are costly though, avoid such) and to be careful the decisions I make based on lessons learnt from past mistakes, because the fact that route ‘A’ ended sorely doesn’t mean avoiding that route next time will yeild a better result, what if a good construction firm had worked to re-vamp the place? what if you were the problem and not the route? This is especially important when trying to advise people based on our own experiences, it didn’t work in your case doesn’t mean they would not succeed in that same venture. I know i’ve been a bit vague but I pray you can grab the message of this piece. They say experience is the best teacher, but my dear not everytime …right now I prefer wisdom, God’s wisdom, that’s the better teacher, one can never go wrong with that.


8 thoughts on “I learnt my lessons too well…

  1. I agree that it’s vague. But I’ve learnt that God’s ways are far different from mine. Making Him unpredictable and the best teacher since He knows the end of a thing from the beginning


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