How’s growing up?


I saw a little girl today, she’d be about four years old, I’ve never met her before today, but she looked so cute, just playing with some older children and I smiled at her, you can’t believe that this little girl ran up to me and gave me a big hug! I found it so interesting and sweet, it reminded me about the innocence of childhood.

A few minutes before that, i had come across two little girls (probably sisters) the older girl couldn’t be more than six years, and the younger girl should have been about 3years old. As I watched these young ones running around together- the younger girl still walking with a “waddling” gait- I couldn’t help but be amazed that once upon a time, i had been that tiny and cute and naive, having no care in my heart than what to eat and when I’d be allowed to play, those were the days of total irresponsibility.

Much earlier in the day, I had been reminiscing about a statement a friend made days back, he had said “the mind doesn’t grow old, it’s the body that does”, i wasn’t particularly thinking about how true/false this satement is but i was thinking about me, and how the older I get, the slower my mind is growing. As a teenager, with each new birthday, i realised that there was some drastic change in my thought processess and mindset to the point that I’d tell myself “i can’t believe i was so naive just a year ago” or “i can’t believe I liked that thing just a year ago”. it seemed like my mind was changing just as fast as my body was growing. But now, just as the changes in my body are subtle, except for some weight gain/loss from time to time, my mind’s growth seems to have slowed down quite a bit. My last birthday was a few weeks back, and as i think of my mindset a year ago and now, except for some upgrades here and there, there haven’t been so many EUREKA! moments of late, no monumental shifts in ideology. I feel like I’m stable and I think that’s what we call maturity.😊

To crown this all up, when I woke up this morning I read Ephesians 4:14

Then we shall no longer be children, carried by the waves and blown about by every shifting wind of the teaching of deceitful people, who lead others into error by the tricks they invent.
Ephesians 4:14 GNB


(Look how the same theme of growth just seemed to flow through my day. The Holy Spirit is an amazing personality.😊)

After reading this scripture, I tried to think about my growth in Christ Jesus. Just as I had pondered over the growth of my body and my mind, i thought about the growth of my spirit. My first temptation was to think of how much more of God I know, but it quickly struck me that this wouldn’t be the best scale for measurement, wouldn’t it be better to think about how much of Jesus is reflected through me than how much head knowledge of him I have? I have to ask myself questions like, how has my character changed? How much of a priority is Jesus to me? How willing am I about letting the Holy spirit strip me of old habits? And just like the scripture i read said, another good measure is to ask how easily am I carried away by every new wave of doctrine?

So, how has growing up been for you? Has your mind been renewed? Is your spirit robust? I try to imagine, if i could see my spirit like i see my body, if i could view it in a mirror how would i look? Beautiful and Chubby or haggard and lean?

I decided to think up practical ways to be intentional about my growth in Christ. I’m still at it. I just might share some ideas with you later. Please don’t stay stagnant, make sure you are growing and measuring that growth by the right parameters.😉


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