This four letter word has come to mean a whole lot to me in the last few days. Permit me to drop a little bit of my heart’s musings into yours😉.

Let’s start here


I love this picture, because it tells a beautiful story. I see a green lush helathy-looking plant growing in the backdrop of a dry, hard and unfriendly-looking soil. What are the odds? Scientist might say it’s one of those plants that thrive well in dry, desert-like conditions. Well, for the purpose of this discussion i want us to assume that this plant isn’t one of such, so how did it come to be, how did it survive. I look at it’s green leaf and the word that strikes me is HOPE.

The English dictionary describes Hope as;

a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.


Without knowing it, we go out everyday in hope, expecting one thing or the other and I realise that our hope is often tied to possibilityWhen there is a huge likelihood that we’d get what we desire, we are usually very hopeful, but if the chances are slim, we are often shaky in our hope. Look at that first picture above again, let’s say we are  farmers (you and I) and I went ahead to plant my seed in that hard, dry soil, as a friend and fellow farmer, would you be looking forward to a bountiful harvest, or will you think i have lost a few screw upstairs? Be honest (i wont take offence😇).

While it is true for most people on earth that our choice to hope or not is hugely tied to the likelyhood/possibility of us actually getting what we desire, it recently hit me (like a sucker punch👊) that my hope too is based on this pattern of possibility, Just from a different point of view, how? In the world’s reality, many things would appear impossible and thus hope gets thrown out the window, but where I stand everything is possible, so that means I can always be hopeful, I can always be expectant that what I desire would come true! Isn’t that absolutley beautiful?

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26 NKJV


It really just dawned on me that the only reason why i stay put when situations are going south is because of this scripture above, i can never be hopless when there’s a world of endless possibilities open to me. My Jesus says ALL things are possible. So even when the ground is dry and cracked and all conditions are unfavourable, i don’t give up, instead I press on in hope.😊

You know what else hit me? No hopeless person should meet with me and leave hopless. I am a Christian and a believer in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and i just realised that it’s also my duty to get everyone that comes to me in a hopless state to see this hope which has me so excited. I am presently in an enviroment where people fall sick and die everyday, people are diagnosed with incurable diseases and alot of sad stuff happens around me, but I think for the first time, it just really clicked in my brain that while I really can’t solve everyone’s problem I can extend this hope to them, i can help them see how in the midst of sickness and in the face of death, there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

Light at the end of the road

Because asides our hope in  this world, we have equal hope in a beautiful eternity that awaits those who trust in Jesus and make him Lord. I don’t know, but this realisation really got me excited. Some weeks back, i wrote about a baby that died (here) and how helpless i felt, which is how I often feel when i can’t solve a problem that’s brought to me, but this new realisation that I can offer hope in such hopless situations is just…… (I really can’t describe it)😆, it feels so good.

So the bottom line is this, on one hand, if you have Jesus, then you must know that you can never be hopeless, because even in the most unfriendly enviroments, he’s able to make you bloom. On the other hand, if you have Jesus (again), then every hopeless soul that meets with you shouldn’t leave the same, you have got to help them see the light. There’s a world of endless possibilities in Christ.

Right now, I exude hope!


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