Letter to Christian….

Hi Christian,
It is I, your sister from the same father, related by blood and bonded by love. How are you? You’ve been on my mind for a while now, but I’ve been so hesitant to pen down this letter, but today I could put it off no longer, I hope it meets you well.

How’s life over there? hope the tides and times haven’t succeded in pushing you off balance, because I’ve had my share of struggles here too. Did you see in the news few weeks back about some of our siblings that were killed so brutally because they chose to do Father’s will? I did. It made me so sad but when I remembered Big Brother’s promise of a beautiful hereafter I was comforted, I know we’d all be fine. I pray for you, i must confess, its not very often, but I’d surely try to do better henceforth. We need each other, so please do pray for me too.

I’ve been going through father’s words alot recently, you know his words are so full of life and wisdom, i feel like I’m being enlightened, literally. I feel there’s alot for us to talk about and I’m not sure where to start, you know how scatterbrained I can be at times, that’s why I always try to stick with the helper father left us, He really does help me focus my mind. Anyway, the reason I write you today is a matter of utmost importance because i think if the whole family can settle this, we’d live better more fulfilling lives, we’d make Father happy, big brother too would be so glad and we’d grieve our helper less.

You know, it kind of hit me recently, that we may have been living our lives as a request, let me explain, we act nice when we want something from father (we forget his not santa), we obey his instructions because we want him to bless us, we give because we want him to give us, even when we serve and work in the family its so we can go back and tell father “I have done this, so you have to do this for me”. Everything we do is a request for something in return, we’ve began to think that we are entitled to good gifts because we’ve earned them, we err. Its partly our fault and partly the fault of those that teach us. I take that back, i think its mostly our fault because even if our teachers taught us wrongly, we have father’s letters and our helper to lead us into the truth, the real issues is that we are often satisfied to just sit and be taught, we hardly go back over our books or study for ourselves, thats why we err.

You see, I think we need to change our life of request and start living life as a response, you remember when one of our brothers, Peter told us in his 2nd letter (2nd Peter 1:3) that father has given us everything we need? I think he was very right. I think father already gave us everything we could ever need, and so in response we give, we serve and we obey, everything we do is a response to all he already did for us. Does that mean we dont get to make requests at all, Lol, no, when we need something, we ask, seek and knock we dont need to do something and then hope to earn His favour in return, when we already know that in this family nothing is earned, father adopted us out of love, and he has never stopped loving us.

You know, I was just thinking, our adoption is quite unique, an adoption that makes us blood relatives…its amazing. Thats by the way though. I hope we can sort out this request vs response thing with the rest of the family. I really believe it would change us tremendously, He gave it all for us, so in response let’s give and live for him. Send my greetings to all our brothers and sisters over there. I love you guys to pieces. Till we all get together at father’s place, keep lliving love.

Your sister,


7 thoughts on “Letter to Christian….

  1. This is so lovely scatteredbrain my gwetest gwandmodah….This got me “You see, I think we need to change our life of request and start living life as a response”.
    I pray Father’s helper helps us all. Amen
    Keep up the good work


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