The story continues….

It’s friday! And the story continues….enjoy. (if you missed last week, find it here 👉True story).

It all happened within the space of hours, and I, just like the others got a call that changed the course of my day…

“Tolu is dead” that’s what I was told and it shocked me out to my skin. I’m sure it shocked everyone too. I waited, hoping I’d wake up and find out it was just a very bad dream or a cruel Joke perhaps. But it wasn’t? It’s life, fleeting, here today and gone the next. But even as my heart hurts, as all our hearts weep, I can’t imagine the mother’s pain, her hurt, her tears. Such a great loss, she lost her son 11days to his 30th birthday and the day planned for celebration became the day he was laid to rest. Yet the world didn’t stop, time didn’t stand still and let us mourn our loss; we all had to go on living. Gradually everyone forgets and moves on but not the mother her’s is a hurt that is difficult for even time to heal.

No matter how expected it might be, the death of a loved one always shakes our world as we know it but still we must go on living, and even if we don’t, the world will. I know i did. After sometime of pain and heartache and wondering ‘why?’ I did move on with life, now i remember him just once in a while, and when i do, it doesn’t hurt, its sad, but it doesn’t hurt.

So i think of this life as a delicate vase, it falls, it breaks and it’s swept away, nobody lives on this earth forever, and when we are gone people won’t mourn forever, worse still, our achievements we can’t take with us. But I’ve come to a conclusion that i believe is wise, in life, if you must invest, invest in ‘lives’, give someone your time, lend a helping hand, care about family, mentor a life, these are the things that last. No wonder the world can’t forget Jesus, the man practically lived his life for others, just a little over 33years on this earth they say, but we still talk about him today.

Please start today. Don’t wait till you are older or have a little more time, a little more money or a little less stress, because that day might never come. It only takes a second, and life as you know it may just be gone in an instant, PUFF! Like cigarette smoke.

It was a sad event when I lost my cousin with it came pain and many tears, but i learnt something valuable and this i have shared. I chose not to just cry and then forget. There’s always something to learn even in the worst situations. Always see the big picture, that’s the only time things make (some) sense.


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