I had planned to continue with the blog post from last week; Through My Eyes, but I watched a movie today “Harriet” and my head and heart have been reeling since. What I am about to share is not necessarily new information, but a much needed reminder.

Harriet is a movie based on the life story of Harriet Tubman, she was a black woman born into slavery in United States in the 18th century, she escaped slavery at age 27 when she ran from her owner who wanted to sell her at the time. Harriet journeyed by foot, evading slave catchers till she arrived at Philadelphia, a city in United States where slavery had been outlawed.

Harriet now a free woman, returned 13 times over an 11 year period to rescue approximately 70 more black slaves and finally during the American civil war she led an armed expedition which liberated more than 700 enslaved black people.

One striking thing about Harriet was her belief and confidence in the voice of God to lead her. Some believe Harriet’s dreams and visions were just sequelae of the head injury she suffered as a child, but how do you explain her successful escape from slavery as she travelled 100miles on foot, all alone? the success of her 13 missions during which time she never lost a single slave that she helped escape? or her keen awareness of impending danger and the way out? Somethings are beyond coincidence.

Harriet in the movie vs actual Harriet.

I have read books about great fathers of faith, men of God who brought revival to nations in their time, turning the heart of men back to God, forerunning the move of the spirit of God, with outbursts of healings, baptism of the spirit and other powerful manifestations, but as I watched the movie Harriet today, my eyes were opened to something else.

God sends men within a generation to herald spiritual revival, He also sends men in a generation to deal with social ills and bring reformation in all spheres of human existence, Harriet was one of such. Why does God do this? Because He is not just interested in Church growth as it were, He is interested in establishing His reign, His plans and purposes on the earth. So He would send men into every sphere of life; family, religion, entertainment, governance, media, business, arts and entertainment, men that would be attentive enough to hear what He desires, willing enough to take the first step and wise enough to partner with Him till His will is established on the earth.

your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven

Mathew 6:10 (NIV)

Corruption is not unique to Nigeria or our generation, it is an umbrella term for every evil in whatever form (not just in governance) and God hates corruption irrespective of the level or its form. From slave trade, to the president that keeps silent while innocent citizens are shot dead, to the man in that side office holding on to documents that should reach his bosses desk because his palms have not been greased, to the child that inflates school fess to get extra from unsuspecting parents, etc. We know where we err.

Harriet is beyond a good movie, or an attempt to honor a great woman. It is a wakeup call.

May we be attentive enough to feel the beat of God’s heart. May we be willing to stand up where and when we should, May our hearts not become comfortable with the world’s systems that we willingly give ourselves up as slaves when we should be joining forces with God to set men free in every sphere of human existence.


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