Hello you😊, it’s Fri-yay again! And its my great delight to bring you the final piece in this series. If you missed any part be sure to check the previous posts. Story Time….1 Story time… 2, STORY TIME 3… (For those that have told me they won’t read this series till its over, this is your cue to start). Enjoy!

Written September 2015

They were a strange pair to behold, even her mother had said so the first time she met him. Mama had pulled her aside that hot afternoon leaving him alone in their parlour and gently dragged her off to the back of the house, the house she had rented after she first started working. When they were alone, She watched as mama licked her lips with her tongue as if trying to taste her words before she spoke, and when she did speak the first thing she wanted to know was if his grey hair was natural or if it was actually a product of old age.

The question didn’t surprise her, she had in fact expected it, it had been two years and six months since that day on the beach when they watched the sunset together and although she had told mama a great deal about him she had never mentioned that she was almost half his age, because to her, it had never mattered. But as she looked at mama’s face, she knew she had to be diplomatic. Funny enough, in the end, winning mama’s heart was an easier task and after a while, mama was the one pushing them to say their vows and give her a house full of grandchildren.

As odd as they looked together she couldn’t imagine a more perfect match, they were soul mates, inseparable, he knew her thoughts before she voiced them and she had gotten used to completing his sentences,  and when she walked into a room, she knew in her heart that he was there even before seeing him. In the evenings when they sat in utter silence on the beach watching the sunset, there was nothing awkward about it, because in that silence were words that could not be spoken, feelings that they both understood and had no need to voice, she was content to put her ear to his heart with her hand on her’s and marvel at how their hearts would beat at the exact same pace, It was wonderful, and when on one of such occasions he looked directly into her eyes and called her his gal she knew she had nothing to fear, she knew he loved her, and finally she said yes…..

The gust of cold air blew across her face bringing her back to the present; she shifted the weight of her bag from her hand to her shoulder and slowly began walking back in the direction she had come through when she first arrived. if anyone had told her that they’d have just one day together as a couple she would have laughed and said the person was mad or plain jealous, but that morning, the day after the weeding when she woke up, she knew immediately that something was wrong. He wasn’t in bed and although he had left a note saying he needed to get something a short distance away, she still knew something else was wrong.

Her phone rang an hour later and when she saw it was his number she felt a sense of dread instead of relief, she answered, only to hear an unfamiliar voice offering apologies, the phone dropped from her hand to the floor. He was gone. The very minute his heart had stopped she had known because her’s had stopped too, her life had also been snatched away. The story was he had gone to get her a wedding present like he had promised the night before just before she fell asleep content to be in his arms at last. He hadn’t seen a car take the bend and head towards him as he walked to his car, he had been so lost in joyful thoughts that when he did notice what was about to happen it was too late. But interestingly the doctors said, the car never hit him, he had died of a heart attack, there on that spot with the gift pack in his shirt pocket. It was a ring on which the words ‘more than the ocean’ had been inscribed.

She wouldn’t believe it for days after the incident, she went to the beach to watch the sunset waiting for him, praying that he would come, not even mama’s support or gentle words could soothe her, there was a hole the size of a fist in her heart that nothing and no one could make disappear. She prayed that it would turn out to be a nightmare or a joke, she prayed that he’d come back,  but days had turned into weeks and weeks into months and now it was two years and all the reminder she had was this place where they had met, and shared so much of their life together, all she had were memories of the deep intensity in his eyes when he called her his gal.
She turned back to look at her foot prints and how the gentle waves washed over the sand, washing away the prints as the water receded back the way it came, and as she walked on ignoring the tears that streamed down her face, she thought of that truth that nothing lasts forever, only the impact made on another’s life.

P.S- This is a reminder of our mortality. No matter how beautiful a story is, no matter how sweet  (or sour) life seems to be, everything comes to an end (on this earth). Make everyday count. 


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