Hello! It’s TGIF again and I’m glad to be here for the penultimate part of the short story series “His Gal” if you missed any part of it, catch up here👉  Story Time….1 , Story time… 2.


A walk on the beach was the only means she could think of to clear her mind, and That’s where she met him…..

There was nothing so extraordinary about the way he looked or what he was doing but as she watched him observing the tides and taking notes, something about his concentration and demeanour, caught her attention, final exams all but forgotten, she walked closer to him to get a better view. Then she heard him speak, at first she thought it was a soliloquy until he looked up at her and smiled, and she realized he had just spoken to her and was obviously awaiting a reply but there she stood, dumb, with no idea what to say. Before she could find her voice, he looked at her and then back at the ocean, and ventured into a monologue about his love for this body of water.

At first she wasn’t really listening, still embarrassed about how stupid she must have looked when he caught her staring, but when she looked at his face she was entranced by what she saw there, he looked like he was in a world of his own, there he was talking to her about how much he loved the ocean, it was why he had studied Oceanography and gone ahead to become a marine scientist but even now as a lecturer with little field work to take him outdoors, he still loved to do a little research when he had the time because being around the water was what he loved most. He went on and on and she watched his face take on an animated appearance, his passion was almost palpable. When he finally stopped speaking, he sighed, it was a sound so strong like the tides he so lovingly described that you could tell it was heartfelt.

As if realizing for the first time that he was not alone he looked at her and it felt more like he was looking into her, she had only felt like this one other time, a very long time ago when she had  lied to her mother and mama had looked at her just like this as if she could see straight through her words to her thoughts. The feeling made her uncomfortable, and she felt better when he looked away. She was considering walking away, the encounter was becoming weird. This walk was probably a bad idea and she had some more reading to do. But Just before she put her thoughts into action he looked at her again, this time his eyes didn’t reach down to her soul, instead there seemed to be a hint of pity in them and she was still wondering about it when he began talking about how beautiful her voice would be if she could only speak, because according to him, a face like hers just had to come with a voice as perfect. It was then she realised he actually thought her to be dumb, it took a lot of restraint on her path not to burst out in laughter but a few giggles still escaped from her lips and when he looked at her again with a certain curiosity in his eyes, she lost all restraint and burst out laughing she laughed so hard she sunk to her knees in the sand and continued laughing, when she was done she looked up at him and what she saw made the rest of the laughter freeze in her throat, he not only looked surprised, he looked almost scared too, she shook her head as she realized what was through his head, first she hadn’t spoken a word and he had mistaken her for a mute but when she had broken out in raucous laughter, he not only thought she was dumb, he also thought she was insane!

She carefully picked herself up, dusted the sand from her jeans and with what was left of her dignity stretched out her hand to introduce herself and began to explain herself. A year later he would tell her that that exact moment was when he fell in love with her but right at that moment, she watched as understanding dawned on him and he started laughing at himself for ever assuming she was mute or insane. When he was done laughing, he put his notes aside and they both sat there side by side for a while without words and watched as the sun set, no matter how many times she had watched this happen, it still awed her; it was so perfect it brought tears to her eyes, and she knew without words that he was thinking the exact same thing.They were indeed a strange pair to behold; a man with graying hair and a lady so small in stature that she could pass for a child….

Last part comes up next weekend. Don’t miss it.


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