Me without you…

How I feel on Sunday.

Happy Sunday to you!! I’m usually excited on Sunday’s because God blessed it! (Genesis 2:3).

I know there’s that controversy about Saturday being the actual Sabbath day, but I grew up marking Sunday as the Sabbath day of rest and a day of fellowship. So like king David, I am glad when they say let us go to the house of the Lord! (Psalm 122:1).

This weekend I chose to take a break form the story “His Gal” to write on something that has been on my heart for a few days. Enjoy.

Dearest J,
I woke up this morning to the tick tock sound of my clock, its daylight,
A good night rest should mean an energetic morning, but I feel blue,
You aren’t here to brighten up my day like you usually do.
Why have you left me, or was it I that left you?

I’m going about my day like there’s nothing wrong,,
It’s easy to flow in the motions even without you,
But why did I respond harshly to my colleague today?
When all she did was tease me about the way I walk,
You aren’t here to make my heart tender,
to help me see good even in dusky waters,
why have you left me, or was it I that left you?

There’s a lot that I need to do,
A lot I have left undone,
Now there’s fear in my heart because tomorrow is uncertain,
I’ve searched and searched but no help is beckoning,
You aren’t here to hold my hand,
To still the trembling that overwhelms me,
Oh, why have you left me, or was it I that left you?

What happened to the days when your Joy gave me strength?
When I could do all things because you were with me,
All I had to do was look into you face and then watch my fears melt away,
Those days are gone and you seem far away,
You never let go of me, but It was I who left you.

This is me without you Jesus, weak, irritable and fearful,
Like a baby in the womb has to stay connected to its mother,
I find I have to stay connected to you.
My life is like Algebra without you,
Not very easy to figure out.
I think its high time I found my way back,
and somehow I know you’ve been waiting for me.

P.S- Every believer needs a consistent relationship with the Father. I know I always feel bereft when I drift away, and boy are there many things that can make us drift. When I’m not in tune with God, everything begins to fall apart, even my relationship with people. Fight to keep up your fellowship because ‘we’ without Jesus is like a fully wired house without electricity.

#Jesus rules.😉

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