Story time… 2

It’s Good Friday, and as we remember the sacrifice Christ paid for us to truly live, we’d continue our story from last week. Enjoy…😉


She imagined him calling her his gal like he always did…..but he wasn’t here, he hadn’t been for the last two years.

The beach had been their little haven, he loved the water it had always fascinated him and she loved to watch his face light up as he told her tales about the ocean. It wasn’t as much the tales as the way he told them that made her listen. That was what had pulled her to him in the first place, he had the ability to tell a story till she felt like she was a part of the plot and the world around seemed to recede and all she could hear and feel was his voice making her believe every word.

They had met right here, each with a different agenda. She had been having a hard time studying for her final exams, it wasn’t that she wasn’t brilliant, as a matter of fact she was the best in her department, being the best hadn’t been an option for her, it had been a necessity. She could still picture her mother coming home bone tired after a tough day at her market stall. Mama had worked harder than any other person she had ever met and she never complained even when her body revolted as she got up in the morning after a night of very little sleep, she smiled through every circumstance good and bad, all this devotion was centred on her only child, her daughter. Mama had sworn that she would not be like all the other girls that lived in their area, who spent their every waking hour chasing man after man and ended up pregnant as teenagers. So when she came home with a brilliant SSCE result the die was cast, she had to go to the University, even though it meant Mama selling most of her george wrappers, which were not much to start with.

Of course everyone they knew said mama was foolish to waste money she didn’t have educating a female child who would only end up under a man’s roof with children to care for, a house to run and little use for a certificate. But mama had always been a strong-willed woman, hadn’t she been the one who had single-handedly brought her up after her father had died soon after her birth.The sneers and warnings of neighbours and even friends went unheeded and she in return promised mama that she would never regret all her sacrifices. It didn’t matter that she had to study at night after helping mama at the stall as she prepared for her JAMB exams or that she had to use an oil lamp because they couldn’t afford to pay the NEPA bill, or that mosquitoes plagued her nonstop because there were holes all over the mosquito net on the windows. She was determined not to shame her mother’s effort even if it meant reading till her eyes watered and her back hurt from bending over as she tried to read with the dim lamp.

With that kind of history, anything but her best wouldn’t have been enough to appreciate the only person that had seen her as more than an article for sale. She succeeded to stay on top her class from her first year till the first semester of her fourth. When her final exams were a few days off she couldn’t understand the sudden feeling of unease that plagued her. She had prepared so hard, burning the midnight candle, but the feeling was unnerving and a walk on the beach was the only way she could think of to clear her mind. That’s where she met him…

To be continued…..


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