Story Time….1

Hello you, so it’s been a while I wrote a story, and I’ve been asked when I’d write a series like ‘dreamer’ again (if you didn’t follow that series you can check it out, Dreamer….Part 1). While I’ve not been able to settle my head enough to pen down a story, I searched through my archive (seems I’ve been doing that alot this week) and found this. Enjoy😉.


Blue and calm, the water stretched out before her like an endless dream with the skies just as blue meeting in the horizon far ahead till there was no telling where the waters ended and the skies began.

The sun was riding low in the skies receding ever so slowly, reflecting on the surface of the water like a glowing golden ball as it disappeared gradually from the skies. Here and there she could hear birds chirping away forming a harmony of their own obviously enjoying the sunset. Who would believe that these same waters, time and time again had succeeded in swallowing up many lives. Lives that held potential and promise, pregnant with dreams, had all been washed away by the angry waves of this very same ocean. But now it was completely calm save for gentle tides that wafted towards the shore at intervals bringing that cool clear water closer and closer to her bare feet.

Still fully clad in her work clothes which comprised a designers skirt-suit, she wriggled her toes in the sand, a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals were in one hand and a handbag that would probably send her mother into a feat was in her other hand, it was one of those very expensive designer bags that ladies couldn’t stop talking about and since mama had always been frugal, having lived as a poor widow for most of her life, she would undoubtedly launch into a tirade of how foolish it was to spend so much money on a single item when they were other cheaper ones that served the same purpose. But right now she couldn’t care less what her good old mother would think, her mind was on something far more important than the price of handbags.

She stood perfectly still like one in a trance, she had this faraway look in her eyes, brown eyes that she had once been told sparkled with warmth and confidence, she wasn’t so sure what would be said about them now. A silent breeze blew across her face like a whisper, sending a stray lock of hair dancing across her face. She didn’t bother tucking it back behind her ears; he should have been here to do that, to tell her in that charming way of his about how he loved her hair being whipped around here face just so he could tuck it back in place. He should have been here today of all days to celebrate with her.

She could still hear her boss’s voice like they were still in the board room as he got up to shake her hand and congratulate her with that thick accent of his –whose origin she still couldn’t trace– making it sound like he was trying to speak through his mouth and nose at the same time. But she had pushed that thought out of her mind as she tried to look excited as other colleagues scrambled to hug and congratulate her on her promotion, everyone said she deserved it but she saw rather than heard their words, her mind was elsewhere already and as soon as she closed for the day she came here to be with the one person whose congratulations mattered most. She imagined him calling her his gal like he always did when he was proud of her; which happened to be almost always. She imagined that they’d watch the sunset together quietly but with a mutual understanding that for them the sun would never really set. She had come here to be with him, to hear his words, but he wasn’t here, he hadn’t been for the last two years.

to be continued….

I love you guys.


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