Hello you, it is another beautiful Friday evening.

And I’m here being consistent (making every effort even when I don’t feel like it), and staying kinetic!

I left the title of this post blank because I’m not quite sure what to title it, since I don’t even know what I’m going to write about yet😊.

So here I am, closing my eyes (of course I’m typing this after they popped back open) and searching my heart, what are we going to discuss today? I come up blank.😕

My normally hyperactive mind chose to leave me and go AWOL for a holiday I was not invited to, so unfair. Wait a minute, I think i’ve found a title for this post…….’BLANK’! Well technically you already knew that since I’m going to have to title this before publishing it. I’m ramblling right? I know.

Sometimes I like it when I don’t have everything figured out, when I don’t have all the answers, when I can’t find my ‘wise’ self, when I don’t have a well thought-out post to write, why? It reminds me of my limitations, reminds me that no matter how good I am or how good I get I’m not all-sufficient, to prove this point I do not always  pray before I start typing out a post because most times I already have a clear idea what I’m going to write about, in fact a number of times the idea may have been in my head all week! but today I closed my eyes and said a prayer because I was blank and that made me turn to the one who never goes blank, my heavenly father.

A friend of mine once said something to this effect, “if we were all-sufficient, then most of us would never see a need for God”.

In another vein, my lack of self-sufficiency helps me relate better with others when their weaknesses show, because I’ve been there too, so even if I would interfere it would be to encourage and not to judge. You know how much easier it is to empathise with someone when you have been in their shoes and felt their hurt? its alot easier. Just an aside, I’ve heard some people say “why do women scream so much during childbirth?” and I shake my head mentally, they can’t understand it because they haven’t been there yet (I haven’t either but I’m wise enough not to throw stones knowing that I too would travel that road soon enough). But you get the point, it’s easier to bear with others when you have been in their shoes.

My blank mind is actually writing this post!

So on days like this when my creative mind has gone to sleep, I remember to thank God for the gifts I possess which ever so often I forget because most times, I’m running on autopilot.

Sometimes (emphasis on that word) it’s ok not to have it all figured out or be all put together, for me it’s a reminder not to trust in myself or my abilities but to always look up to THE ONE who truly has the ability to ALWAYS have it figured out!


Cheers to our weaknesses (I know it sounds weird but permit me), after all Brother Paul said;

…….Therefore, I will all the more gladly boast in my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ [may completely enfold me and] may dwell in me.


3 thoughts on “BLANK

  1. Great writing and thought process. God that could hardened a heart can make you blank. He want you to know to ask him at all times. I love your piece. Keep on


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