A word in season!

Hello weekend, I’m so glad you are here!

Hello you, I’m elated to have you here too. It’s been one of those weeks for me, nothing too out of the ordinary. But I came across a verse in scripture that has made me really excited!

How God’s word makes me feel…

Now if you are a believer/Jesus follower/Christian/Born again person (pick whatever terminology you prefer) then I believe there must have been those seasons in your life when you really needed God to show up, or a point where you felt alone and you began to doubt your faith. I also believe that in those intense moments of uncertainty or desperation a verse of scripture may have come to you (through whatever means) and it just answered every question you had, and settled your doubts and gave you the confidence to forge ahead.

I like to call that experience ‘a word in season‘, it’s the everything I need. Right now I’m trying to think of other ways to describe this and convey what’s on my heart but I’m not sure I can, so let me just say when this word comes, it’s like a cold glass of water to a very parched traveller in a very dry desert. In that moment it’s exactly what I need!

So this week, I’ve been excited about Proverbs 21:30

That verse gets me so excited, and infuses me with such confidence like nothing else can. Do you see it? Do you know what it means to have a Father that no plan, no wisdom, absolutely NOTHING, no matter how well thought out it is, can succeed against Him? Meaning I have no reason whatsoever to fear even if I see my death warrant being signed I can laugh it off confidently, because nothing can succeed against My Lord and He has His own beautiful plans for me. Oh! such peace, to see a strom brewing and not feel the slightest hint of anxiety because nothing can succeed against my God and my Life is hidden in him so I am fully protected, well gaurded and well taken care of. I just want to jump and dance with excitement.


I’m glad I have God’s word in form of scriptures to page through and glean from, and when I receive a word in season I’m all the more glad that I don’t have to grope around in the dark for answers, God’s word indeed sets me free!

Darling reader, find out what Word God has for you this season, search scripture (because it is he who searches that finds, Mathew 7:7-8), and when you do please hold on to it because the storm would come but you would definitely prevail when you know and trust His word for you.

Have an awesome season.


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