Woman…something precious.


I’m not a feminist, I don’t understand it.
I’m female, I’m a woman, and I Love who I am.
once upon a time I wished for a genetic change,
I wished for my cells to bear the label ‘XY’ not ‘XX’,
I didn’t understand then how precious it is to be ‘woman’
But now I do, I love it,
And it’s not because being male is any less precious,
It’s just me finding worth without being relative,
It’s being content without making it competitive.
So I wrote a spoken word piece about two years ago,
It’s titled ‘Woman’ Enjoy.
(but more importantly Learn)

Let us rewind shall we, to where you all began when God fromed you out of the rib of man. You were to be his best friend, his help meet, the closest to his side, but you listened to that slithering snake who sang you a lullaby of lies and on the bed of his deception you laid down your life. Now mankind blames you for all it sufferings, I do not know how you stand these mutterings. Woman.

If it was only the blame that has you so shamed I wont be in such pain but no, there’s more. As generations go by you have exchanged the truth for a lie, you’ve began to believe the false prophets that speak prophetic doom over you, like the mistake at Eden has no remedy, like all you do must end in tragedy. You have made these lies your anchor, they hold you down, you think they keep you safe at harbour, but I tell you they keep you from setting out as one of valour.

Everyday you look in the mirror and you feel a little less, so you want to add a little more, a little more color, a little more hair, a little of you then you add a man, you think ‘that’ would make you complete, you say to yourself, this here would give me peace. Because you have believed the lie that you aren’t much until your XX meets his XY and now you have so many Ex’s and still you wonder Y?

You’ve believed the lie that “you should dream a little less” because ‘He’ doesn’t like women with big dreams and fancy cars. So you put those dreams in a box and bury ‘you’ underneath and now you are waiting, anticipating not realizing that real men are too far up in the skies to come dig for you, you should have been up there too.

All these lies you have bought and kept in a treasure box saving them like jewels you think you are wealthy…I weep at your penury.

Everyday my face is moist from the tears I shed for you, because like diamond thrown into mud you remain hidden, hidden from all and yourself. When would you finally see that though you fell, and mankind through you it’s the old story, someone came and changed the script, why are you still playing that part when you’ve been casted in the role of a queen.

When would you take off these garments and garments of lies you are clothed in, you are beginning to look like an eskimo covered in all that thick clothing,  only you don’t need it.

I would continue to sound the alarm and hope that it wakes you up from this nightmare that has had you trapped for so long in a wonderland that’s no wonder at all  because its all a lie. Let me remind you, you are not woe unto man, neither were you born to woo man, you are made complete the moment you meet HIM (Jesus), and till you find your all in HIM you’d always feel less than whole.

So I beg you, its time, strip off those lies and put on new clothes, be bold to dig up those dreams, let them take wings and fly the one who re-wrote the script awaits your performance, HE says you can, His words are true, so cut off that anchor and set sail on the ocean of grace that he has given you….

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6 thoughts on “Woman…something precious.

  1. This is truely nice,.As a lady you are told there is a limit to how great you can be just not to intimidate the man and we believe that we can’t achieve much until we meet the “MR”…..we need to find our purpose in Christ and grow in him first.


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