Living Life…

Hello darling reader, how’s your weekend? I hear screams of TGIF. Great. I’m going to get down to business straight away. Enjoy😉

You know some people are “walking dead” right? And I don’t mean zombies, I mean people that are alive and well but in the true sense of living, they are actually not living.

Cute zombie…😊

I wrote a post “Walking dead” over a year ago (you should check it out Here). So I’m not going to go over that again, as we already dealt with what it meant to be dead, alive and walking dead!

Today lets talk about something more ‘lively’, lets talk about living life, Halleluyah! I’m getting excited already.

I’ve heard people make statements like “mehn, this is the life” or “I’m living the life” and its usually when they are doing ‘fun’ things, like partying, shopping, eating……you get the drift. So I ask myself what does it really mean to ‘live’ life. Life on its own is nothing but potential till you live it (then it becomes kinetic). I’m feeling like a good physics student right now😄.  On a serious note though, ponder on it for a moment.

Life on its own is nothing but potential till you live it.

Invariably, this means you can have life and live it, and you can have life but keep it, Just like the unwise servant did in the parable of the talents.

But the one who had received the one went and dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money.

He had the opportunity to invest that money, that ‘potential’, but he buried it. What does it then mean to LIVE LIFE?

Permit me to say living life means investing life. It means investing your time, your money, your gits and abilities.

POINT 1: Living life means investing my life.

Now lets go a little further, I don’t know much about banking but I know the aim of investing is usually to yeild a profit and how good the turn over is would depend on where/into what you invest. So where should we invest?

If you are a beliver in Jesus Christ, then you know our lives on earth are temporary, there is an eternity that we look forward to. That’s our focus.

If we who are [abiding] in Christ have hoped only in this life [and this is all there is], then we are of all people most miserable and to be pitied.

So if living life means to invest, and I know that eternity is my focus, then it only makes sense to invest in something that would yeild a profit for eternity!

Therefore, what would yeild a profit for eternity? Heaven right? Well, Not exactly. You know in all things God created, there’s only one thing I’m aware of that lives eternally and that’s the Human Spirit. Doesn’t it therefore make bible sense to invest in people?

POINT 2: Living life means investing in people.

I would always say this “You aren’t truly living until you are impacting the life of another”. I mean, EVERY OTHER THING IS GOING TO FADE AWAY. The impact you make on people by how you help to shape their lives, how you encourage them, care for and bless them, these are the things that touch eternity. It’s easy to be selfish (Me, myself and I) while pursuing your own dreams and aspirations it is easy to see people as objects to be used to reach your goals and not men that can be built, but in the end, as good as material wealth is (and it is good to have material wealth), it’s still VANITY.

Now don’t tell me you are not in a position to invest in others, you don’t have to be a motivational speaker or a business man, you can start with your siblings, your friends, that little boy on your street that needs guidiance, that young girl that needs encouragement, that Old man in your church who has lost hope in life, invest in these ones. Be involved in helping others grow in character and life in general.

I had to consciously decide never to pass up an oppurtunity to share a word or two with someone who needs it, even if it means giving a bit  (or alot) of my time that I could have used to do something others would consider more productive.

Finally, whew! (Long post I’m sorry, the ginger was much in my fingers😊). The greatest investment you can make in people is to make a ‘deposit‘  of Jesus in them. When you have done this, then you have truly lived

Be kinetic!!

#Jesus Rules.

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