Hello you…welcome to February!😆

The transition from January to February was so smooth and almost went unnoticed (by me at least), just a few hours into the day and I had already forgotten it was a new month.

So it’s going to be a short post today, and my mind is telling me to save that statement till I’m actually done writing, but “No, mind!, I’m not going to listen to you, its going to be a short post, period!”

Let’s get down to the business of the day, consistently….

I looked up the word consistently in Merriam Webster thesaurus and found these synonyms;  Constantly, continually, ever, forever, day and night, perpetually, unfaillingly, and I just got excited, I mean don’t these words just strike a cord in your heart, because they do in mine. I’m here wondering what if I could be all that? if I could be constant, unfailing, day and night. Unfortunately consistency is one thing I’m poor at and something I keep working on because I quickly get tired of ‘same old, same old’ (whose with me?) It quite easy to get bored doing the same things but let’s consider consistency for a little bit.

It’s important, in fact too important for us to be consistent. I can’t think of a thing that if done consistently one won’t be good at, even if it’s not a natural gifting, if you consistently apply yourself to it, eventually you would do reasonable well at it and sometimes even excellently well. Whether its a good thing or not whenever we apply our hearts and consistenly work at something, we get good at it (but please don’t be consistent in evil, we’ve outgrown that).

Look at nature, its so consistent, the sun rises and sets every day, seasons come and go every year, there might be variations from time to time but the fundamentals are still the same. This makes me think of the most consistent person I know, want to guess? Yep, God. I mean, who is as consistent as He is? Look at those synonyms again and picture God as you do, they rhyme with Him right? Unfailing- check, forever- check, constantly- check check check, He’s just too good at what he does.

Now look at the antonyms for consistently: occasionally,  sometimes, periodically. …which best desricbes you? In what aspects of your life have you been inconsistent yet waiting for growth? I think it’s time to wake up and get to work don’t expect growth without effort or change without sacrifice, it takes effort and sacrifice and discipline to consistenly pursue a matter but in the end the reward is enormous, (Self, hope you are listening).

I want to be consistent in my walk with God, not hot and cold, I want to be consistent in my writing too not just when it feels good or when inspiration hits me in the head I want to be consistent all round. Sometimes trying to be consistent would make things feel mechanical instead of spontaneous and interesting, you don’t feel like it but you have to do it anyway. Let the thoughts of the end result spur you on in those moments.

I think we all need to make a commitment to be consistent with the things that truly matter in life. So cheers to a consistent February!


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