Hello you!! I’m really excited that I get to write today. It’s beginning to look like i come here at two weekly intervals. I must confess, unlike Travis Greene, its not intentional and as usual I’ve THOUGHT about writing almost everyday, I just haven’t gotten around to DOING it.

Lets go down memory lane a bit…. The purpose of this blog ” My Collage” has always been- learning how the little unrelated pieces of our lives are instruments God puts together to make us into an awesome looking masterpiece, that’s why the theme says  see the big picture! dont just view events in Isolation, see the lessons, see how it moulds you, that’s how you grow.

So I’d be sharing a bit of my own collage (my life) and how this liitle piece has made so much sense to me these past weeks. Before I share though let me to just scream “I LOVE YOU JESUS!” He understands…. 😊

Story time😇….so i’ve been really preoccupied of late, with book work and other ‘works’ till i felt overwhelmed and ready to drown. I’ve been cranky more often, more given to outbursts (stress does that to me), I’ve  been praying less  (alot less), studying my bible seldomly…in fact i think most of the time I pray these days it’s like all I’m saying is “Lord help me PLEASE!” mehn! its been tough. I’ve been smiling, but there’s an inner outflow of Joy that has been missing, I just know it. Have i come to share my frustrations with you? naaa…this aint a diary😊. I’ve come to share my lessons.

In the midst of all these, i read an article from a christian blog I’m subscribed to (thank God for family) and you know what it said “eat breakfast!” boy o boy, it was like someone smacked my head back  in place..

Jesus said to them, “Come and eat breakfast.” Yet none of the disciples dared ask Him, “Who are You?” — knowing that it was the Lord. — John 21:12


The summary of the story in the passage was this; the disciples had been trying to catch fish without success but Jesus came to them, and as a Boss, He gave one or two instructions, when they obeyed, they successfully caught the fish. Going further, He invited them for breakfast. He didn’t even need the fish they had caught, he had already prepared fish for them, all he wanted was for them to come and eat.

Then, as soon as they had come to land, they saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid on it, and bread.
John 21:9 NKJV


I have been busy trying to make plans and meet deadlines and in the process I’ve been stressed out, confused and upset, but I totally forgot that the most important thing, more important than anything i do for Jesus is that i have breakfast with him regularly, that i take time to be like Mary and just BE WITH HIM, because even my plans would only be successful if He makes it so. So I’ve been putting the proverbial cart before the horse. I thought i knew better, i guess head knowledge doesn’t always translate to wise actions when push comes to shove.

So I’m learning, no matter the work load, and the limitation that 24hours per day puts on me, I have to have my meals with Jesus regularly, because it becomes easier to face life having been filled with such sweet and nourishing food like He gives. I’m more joyful, I’m more productive, I worry less about the plans I have to make, I shine better…. when I’ve had “breakfast” with Jesus.

I hope my story will be a message for you. Please share your experiences in the comment section below.

#JesusRules 😊

2 thoughts on “EAT BREAKFAST!

  1. Really!! This is inspiring and I can relate well. I’m so blessed. I’ll eat breakfast REGULARLY henceforth😀 thanks dear.


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